The 2009 National Cohousing Conference was a great success! It ran from June 24 to June 28th 2009. Please join us for our next conference!

2009 Featured Process Consultants

register nowOn June 24-28, 2009, our Annual National Cohousing Conference will feature a number of Top Cohousing Process Consultants - some very well-known, established consultants with years of experience with facilitation, consensus training, and group process consultations and numerous Cohousing Communities - and some who's emerging practices are generating new ways of thinking about group decision making.

Those who attend the 2009 conference have the opportunity to enjoy and learn with...

Margo Adair & Bill Aal

Margo Adair and Bill AalPre-Conference 3 hr Workshop: Social Permaculture: Building Community Resilience, $60
Margo Adair & Bill Aal are co-directors of Tools for Change, have lived and or worked in a variety collectives. For over 25 years TfC has been offering training, facilitation and mediations to co-housing communities, collective households, community groups and nonprofits so that difference becomes a source of strength, and trust and accountability are the norm. The mission of Tools for Change is to bring history, heart, spirit, values and vision into the center of public life. (see ) Together they have co-taught, with Starhawk, principles of Social Permaculture at Earth Activist (permaculture) Trainings. Bill is a part of the newly formed Transition Town USA training working group.

Tree Bressen

Tree BressenConference Session: Basic Facilitation Skills., included in Conference
Pre-Conference 1-day Workshop: Consensus Decision-Making, $95
Tree Bressen says she is blessed to have group facilitation as her calling, defined as "the place where your passion meets the world's crying need." She's been helping organizations have meetings that are more lively, productive, and connecting for over a decade. With long experience in community living, Tree has worked with more than fifty intentional communities (including dozens of cohousing groups at all stages of development). Her highly interactive workshops on facilitation, consensus, conflict resolution, and other group skills, offered on a gift economy basis, consistently receive enthusiastic reviews. Tree's website offers free articles and resources.

Diana Leafe Christian

Pre-Conference 3-hr Workshop: Antidotes to Five Common Kinds of Community Conflict, $60
Diana Leafe Christian is author of Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities and Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community (New Society Publishers, 2003 & 2007). She hosts a blog on the Coho/US website with frequent postings on communication and process issues as well as how to join a cohousing community. Editor of Communities magazine for 14 years (1994-2007), she now publishes Ecovillages, a free online publication. Diana speaks at conferences, and leads workshops for and does consultations for cohousing communities, ecovillages, and other kinds of intentional communities in the U.S. and Canada. She’s been interviewed by Time, the New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, AARP magazine, NPR, and the BBC. She lives at Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina. Her website is

Liz Logan, M.A.

Conference Session: Talkers vs. Doers: How Personalities Affect Decision Making Processes., included in Conference
Pre-Conference 3-hr Workshop: Group Process Skills for Committees, $60
Liz Logan, MA, is a facilitator, trainer, speaker, and strategic planning consultant. She has been teaching communication and group process skills since 1994 in academic, corporate, and most recently, cohousing settings. She has been to nine cohousing communities, and recently spent 11 months working with an ad hoc Communication Committee at East Lake Commons Cohousing, where they developed a series of Salons that have had a dramatic effect on the communication climate in that community.

Laird Schaub

Conference Session: Power Dynamics and Leadership in Cooperative Groups, included in Conference
Conference Session: This is delegated to the ones I love., included in Conference
Pre-Conference 1-day Workshop: The Essentials of Integrative Facilitation: How To Get Through the Agenda and Build Energy at the Same Time, $95
Laird Schaub has lived the bulk of his adult life in community. He has a national reputation in Integrative Facilitation, conflict management and consensus. He has been a process consultant for 20 years and has worked extensively with collaborative groups across the country, including nearly 40 cohousing groups. Laird serves as the Executive Secretary of the Fellowship for Intentional Community, and is a founding member of Sandhill Farm Community. His website is:

Eris Weaver

Eris WeaverPre-Conference 3-hr Workshop: Let’s Talk About Money, $60
Pre-Conference 3-hr Workshop: Cohousing 101, $20
Eris Weaver is a professional facilitator and group process consultant, providing trainings in consensus decision-making, meeting facilitation, and communication skills. She also serves on the Coho/US Board of Directors. She is a founding member of FrogSong in Cotati, California.