2010 Local Arrangements

Need details about your stay in Boulder? Find out about local attractions, lodging, dining, accessibility, childcare, computer and wireless availability, and transportation. And learn more about all the things we’re doing to make this conference more sustainable than ever before!

The 2010 conference will be held at the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. A city known for its commitment to sustainability, Boulder offers a great location for cohousers to gather – and June is the perfect time to visit this sunny city in the Rocky Mountain foothills.

One of the largest concentrations of cohousing communities in the United States, Colorado’s “Front Range” – Boulder, Denver, and surrounding communities – is home to twelve cohousing communities with another five in the forming stage. One of the nation’s first senior cohousing communities – Silver Sage – is located on the Front Range. And cohousing communities in this area are unique in that many of them were created by the same developer working in partnership with their future residents – Boulder-based Wonderland Hill Development Company.

What’s more, many Front Range cohousing communities show that living in cities can indeed be green –and that a sustainable approach can work within an urban environment. These urban cohousing communities take advantage of public transportation, cultural offerings, the local food movement, pedestrian- and bike-friendly neighborhoods, and other urban amenities. In this way, cohousing communities can flourish in a more integrated way – as a part of the surrounding city – and then can act as catalysts for change and improvement.

In addition to all this coho-goodness, Boulder is just a great place to visit. With plenty of attractions to enjoy before, during, and after the conference, Boulder offers a great vacation destination. Enjoy Boulder activities (like hiking in the extensive “open space” system), or explore the nearby Rocky Mountains (Rocky Mountain National Park is just 45 minutes away).

Boulder Mountains