2010 #1c - Pioneer Valley Cohousing visit for two with Kraus-Fitch Architects

lauraEnjoy your two-nights stay at Pioneer Valley Cohousing AND benefit from a professional consultation with Kraus-Fitch Architects. Pioneer Valley is an interesting, well-established cohousing community with many innovations to share. Learn about their "home offices" - which support thriving resident-owned businesses (including Kraus-Fitch Architects), their huge, well-organized library, their fascinating meal program, and much more. Kraus-Fitch Architects are nationally recognized as one of the most experienced architectural firms working with cohousing. In addition to full architectural services, Kraus-Fitch offers a wide range of other cohousing consulting.

During your two night stay, you'll enjoy:

  • the beautiful Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community (Amherst, Massachusetts) - with two guest rooms available in the common house
  • 1-hour tour with resident, including access to several homes
  • 2-hour professional consult with Laura Fitch, cohousing architect and 15-year resident
  • a leisurely walk to the local cafe (on your own or as part of the consult with Laura)
  • access to Puffer's Pond (local swim hole)
  • access to 5-college system: UMass, Amherst College, Smith College, Mount Holyoke, and Hampshire College. Do your kids want to visit schools in this area?
  • proximity to three other cohousing communities: Pathways, Rocky Hill, Pine Street. You can arrange additional tours directly with them
  • proximity to both the town of Amherst and Northampton - two wonderful arts communities with fine dining.

Restrictions: Does not include airfare or ground transportation. Includes a limited number of meals and you are responsible for providing other food. Expires Aug 1, 2011

Kraus-Fitch Architects and Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community

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