Austin Senior CoHousing

Austin, Texas

Austin CoHousing seeks to build, maintain and member-manage a village for aging-in-place of some 25 residents. We have core members and have assembled a support team consisting of an architect, builder, developer and interim lender. Our challenge continues to be finding affordable land for which CoHousing is permitted and which has near proximity to goods, services, and healthcare needed by Seniors. Core members are over age 70, but we seek couples or singles age 60 or over. Austin enjoys a robust economy and a plethora of continuing educational, social, and cultural opportunities. Our intent is to build stylishly small single family homes and Generational Homes, using universal design and low maintenance natural materials which will be available for purchase in the range of $175K to $250K by member occupants and perhaps to future member investors. Our design concept includes flex bedrooms which may be used by guests or staff and possibly staff quarters in the Common House. A monthly fee in the range of $2000 will cover insurance of all improvements, maintenance of common facilities and exteriors of homes; maintenance of grounds and infracture; housekeeping, utilities to include internet, cable television and water; and other agreed common expenses. On our wish list is one or more employees who are able to provide a concierge menu of services including transportation as needed. We anticipate that the level of common services could increase with aging of residents, but the goal is to live independently in a caring environment for as long as possible. Please feel free to request an update on our progress and or to visit further about our concept and goals if you are a prospective member.

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