Phoenix Commons

Oakland, California

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Phoenix Commons is a cooperative lifestyle community on the Oakland waterfront for active adults 55+.
Our Core Values:
Cooperation: Decisions affecting the community are to be made in a cooperative manner.
Intent: All members of the community recognize they have joined Phoenix Commons intentionally rather than as a necessary condition to living at Phoenix Commons.
Engagement: All members of the community will be engaged in the governance and operations of Phoenix Commons to the extent of their skills, interests and abilities.
Support: All members of the community will be supportive of other members of the community, especially recognizing that as age progresses, time will affect different members of the community in different ways.
Humor: Laughter is healthy. A sense of the ridiculous is necessary for coping with the vicissitudes of old age. Humor does not include mocking or otherwise offending other members of the community.
Commitment: A personal commitment to working together as a community to advance core values strengthens the community and facilitates opportunities for personal growth and development. Personal growth is a lifelong endeavor, even in life's later chapters, and opportunities for acquiring new skills and interests are central to the life of our community.

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