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In our quest to expand cohousing, Coho/US has long recognized two major challenges: (1) accessing financing and (2) creating more affordable models. This month, Coho/US made headway in addressing both, establishing a formal collaboration with Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing. Pooling our reach...
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Chris ScottHanson Urban Cohousing Associates, Inc. Fifth Street Commons Author of: The Cohousing Handbook - Building a Place for Community You’re probably tired of hearing about smaller units, standardization, simple unit plans, modest finishes, all with the goal of achieving more...
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Ellen Orleans, Wild Sage, Boulder, Colorado Sustainability is about more than environmentally friendly appliances, sustainably harvested lumber, and organic farming; it’s also about the overall satisfaction of people. Can they sustain a high enough level of involvement in the civic life of the...
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