Urban Village CoHousing

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Website: http://urbanvillagecohousing.org City: Ashland State: Massachusetts Zip: 01721 Contact Email: urbanvillagecohousing@gmail.com Content Phone: 610-220-5500 Contant Name: Valerie Paul & Carol Kunik

Michigan Ecovillage

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Website: http://www.miecovillage.org City: Madison Heights State: Michigan Zip: 48071 Contact Email: karl@miecovillage.org Content Phone: 8102415240 Contant Name: Karl & Gaylyn Kaufman

Denton Cohousing

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Website: http://www.meetup.com/Denton-Cohousing/ City: Denton State: Texas Zip: 76205 Contact Email: francespunch@gmail.com Content Phone: Contant Name: Francis Punch

Mary Jane's Retreat

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Website: http://www.maryjanesretreat.webs.com City: Eros State: Louisiana Zip: 71238 Contact Email: brenda.fritz@live.com Content Phone: Contant Name: Brenda Fritz

Fiori Hill

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Website: http://www.FioriHill.com City: Hillsborough State: Alabama Zip: 27278 Contact Email: dbellin@claytoncommercialrealty.com Content Phone: 919-632-2052 Contant Name: Tofu Dave Bellin - Cohousing Realtor

Desert Willow

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Website: http://desertwillow.weebly.com City: Hurricane State: Utah Zip: 84737 Contact Email: jhjhalla7@gmail.com Content Phone: 612-244-6460 Contant Name: Dale Joel

Breathing Rock

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Website: City: Kingston State: Georgia Zip: 30145 Contact Email: Divinefreedomroad@gmail.com Content Phone: 8438198860 Contant Name: Nicholas Freemind

Kids Gardening Eden

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Website: http://www.gofundme.com/KidsGardeningEden City: Lafayette State: Oregon Zip: 97127 Contact Email: tulsi.flower859@gmail.com Content Phone: Contant Name:

Bristol Village Cohousing

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Website: http://www.bristolcohousing.com City: Bristol State: Vermont Zip: 05443 Contact Email: jim@bristolcohousing.com Content Phone: 802-734-0798 Contant Name: Jim Mendell, Peg Kamens


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