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500 Communities Program 2015 Class

CoHousing Solutions is proud to announce our first graduating class of the 500 Communities Program! This year-long training is spearheaded by Katie McCamant, and gathers passionate cohousing entrepreneurs who want to devote themselves to the goal of building the next 500 communities while working collaboratively, supporting each other and making a good living.

Environmental Council Endorses Fair Oaks EcoHousing

Future resident Marty Maskall with ECOS President Brandon Rose

Cohousers don’t only talk the green talk, they walk the green walk.

Yet the sustainable lifestyle inherent in intentional neighborhoods is not always outwardly apparent to the greater community (minus solar panels on rooftops or street-facing gardens). It’s a goal of many forming communities to demonstrate these built-in savings, embodied in greener-built homes, on-site activities resulting in less driving and the overall sharing culture.

Open House Day at the First U.S. Cohousing Community

Californians had a lot of choices for where to visit last Saturday the 30th for Cohousing Open House Day. From Arcata to L.A. to the Bay and Sierra Foothills in-between, 19 communities participated - more than any other state (though you came close, Massachusetts). I had the treat of touring Muir Commons in Davis, and arrived curious about who and what I'd find in this 25 year-old community, the very first built in the United States. I wondered - Does community stand the test of time, when only a few founding members are left?

Ever Dream of Making Your Cohousing Passion a Profession?

CoHousing Solutions' 500 Communities Program

Cohousing groups across the country need project managers and marketing assistance to help them realize their dreams. CoHousing Solutions’ 500 Communities Program is halfway though its first year training. We’re starting to recruit for our next class!

Conscious Aging in Cohousing (from ChangingAging)

Willow of Sand River Cohousing

Last week, an excellent article launched a cohousing discussion on Dr. Bill Thomas's ChangingAging site. The author Beth Baker wrote the well-received book With a Little Help from our Friends—Creating Community as We Grow Older, which profiles cohousing communities. Beth interviewed members of Sand River Cohousing - originally ElderGrace - given an AARP Livable Communities Award.

Cohousing Déjà vu

Charlie & Doug: Mission Peak Cohousing

Our Getting It Built Workshop comes almost exactly on the nine-year anniversary of the day I first heard of cohousing. At the time, I was a member of the Board of Directors of Tri-City Homeless Coalition (now Abode Services). In that capacity, I attended the Housing California Conference April 23-25, 2007 at the Sacramento Convention Center with fellow Board members Charlie Scribner and Doug Ford.

Cohousing: Communities of Proximity as We Age

Katie McCamant's recent interview centered on cohousing's benefits to those entering the "next act" of their lives. Her responses speak to the tandem benefits of this nexus: aging in community while remaining integrated in the fabric of our chosen city/region. Katie's experience as development consultant, cohousing entrepreneur and lead at CoHousing Solutions grounds the discussion, while tying in nicely to this hot-topic of May's Aging Better Together Conference in Salt Lake City.

Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community

"Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community" (click for preview trailer) is a new documentary by Alan O'Hashi, a filmmaker and resident of Silver Sage in Boulder, CO. Alan's film includes interviews on aging in community with six of his cohousing neighbors. Visit his website to learn more about Alan's own Silver Sage story and his inspiration for examining the topics he does in this film.


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