“Getting the Work Done” Webinar

Originally scheduled for late October, the webinar has been postponed until early spring while we focus on conversations on the economic crisis.

The philosophy and practice of “Getting the Work Done” in a cohousing community will be the topic of the second Coho/US webinar, led by architect Laura Fitch. Issues of equity, setting expectations, and implementation will be reviewed, including a close look at what has been put into practice successfully in one cohousing community.

"Getting the Work Done,"
a webinar by Laura Fitch

Postponed until early spring

Laura Fitch is a 14-year resident of Pioneer Valley Cohousing (North Amherst, MA) where she is an active participant in the "Affinity Team Work System." She has participated in, and lived through, the previous work systems that were tried at Pioneer Valley. In addition, as an architect with Kraus-Fitch Architects, Laura has worked on programming, schematic design, and/or community building for two dozen cohousing communities across the US.

The webinar is intended for residents of built communities, but it will also be valuable for forming groups to prepare them for community life after move in.

The cost of the webinar alone is $39.99; the cost of the flash movie of the webinar that will be available in November will also be $39.99. (Register for the webinar and purchase the CD of the Flash movie and pay just $69.99), The webinar allows participants to ask questions, while having the presentation on disk gives you the freedom to view the presentation at your convenience Participating in the webinar and subsequently receiving the CD of the Flash movie is an attractive option for communities because those unable to attend the webinar (as well as -future new neighbors) can experience the presentation on their own so your group is more likely to understand and adopt a better workshare program.

What is a webinar? It is an online presentation or meeting, usually with a certain degree of interactivity between the presenter and audience members. On-screen visuals are accompanied by live audio commentary by the presenter via a regular phone or speakerphone. The call is toll-free. You will receive an explanation of all of the “how-tos” when you register.

A well-respected cohousing professional, Laura will bring a wealth of practical advice on the subject. The webinar will be held Tuesday, October 28, at 8 pm Eastern time (7 Central, 6 Mountain and 5 pm Pacific time). The 30-minute presentation will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A session so participants have ample time to ask questions. Participants can type in questions during the session or say them over the phone when called on.

There is no extra charge for several residents of a community to watch the webinar together. All you need is a fairly fast internet connection (not dial-up) and a speakerphone. The phone number you call is toll-free. You'll be mailed all the connection details after registering. No plugins are required.

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