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Tres Placitas del Rio
Santa Fe
New Mexico
United States
Tres Placitas del Rio
1710 West Alameda St
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 United States
Address Status:
Good as of 8/7/2009
tpdelrio [at] gmail [dot] com

Tres Placitas Del Rio is a small-scale cohousing community. We live in an urban neighborhood with a rural feel along a tree-lined river. We are 16 adults and 7 children in 11 households, with ages from 6 to 65. We have 11 houses plus a community ramada and plaza on 2.5 acres around a large open space. Pattern language, permaculture, and each member's uniqueness shape and enrich our community. Homes are owner-designed and sometimes owner-built. We love children, animals, gardens, and creativity. An attitude of resource consciousness and land stewardship is fostered.

We operate by consensus and are striving to find the balance between community life and personal freedom. Our relationships are based on mutual respect between committed, caring, creative, and responsible individuals of all ages. We tend to engage actively in the social and political issues of our larger community and the planet. We are (extra)ordinary people from varied backgrounds living life in community without pretense. Tres Placitas is a strong base for a healthy life--a place to settle in and call it home.

Status: Completed

Community Affiliations:
Network Affiliations:
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Visitors Accepted
Visitor Process:
Please send an email expressing your interest in visiting and a tour will be arranged.
Cohousing Details
Cohousing Status:
(Lot development model)
Year Completed:
2.7 acres (1.1 hectares)
(The land is bordered on one side by the Santa Fe River.)
Number of Units:
Each household designed/built their own units.
Non-Member Residents:
Open to new members:
Decision Making:
By consensus
Identified Leader:
Leadership Core Group:
Labor and Money
Financial Style:
Members have independent finances
Labor Contribution:
Expected (We have a community day the first Sunday of every month, where we work on community projects together. Each adult is expected to contribute 80 hours of labor per year.)
Join Fee:
Yes ($250 + Property Purchase; no fee if purchasing an already existing home)
Regular Fees:
Yes (Each household is responsible for monthly COA dues)
Land and Buildings
Urban (We are 5 minutes from downtown Santa Fe, but our property is bounded by the Santa Fe river.)
Land Owners:
The community (Each household)
No. of Residences:
11 (One house has a rental unit attached)
Food, Etc.
% Food Grown:
1-5% (We have lots of fruit trees planted throughout the community and a community garden space.)
Shared Meals:
1-3 times/month (We have community potlucks and common dinners hosted by individual households.)
Dietary Choice or Restrictions:
Diet is up to each individual
Dietary Practice:
Alcohol Use:
Used occasionally
Tobacco Use:
Seldom used
Social Factors
Common Spiritual Practices:
Which Spiritual Traditions:
Educational Style(s):
Public schooled (6 of the 7 children attend Santa Fe Waldorf School)
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