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Cascadia Commons
United States
Cascadia Commons
4377 SW 94th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97225 United States
Address Status:
Good as of 10/13/2008
503-650-7169 Messages only. Checked daily
cascadia [dot] commons [at] gmail [dot] com

Cascadia Commons Cohousing is a community of 26 homes and a common house located in a pleasant suburb six miles southwest of the center of Portland, Oregon. We were self-developed over the period beginning with our incorporation as an LLC in 1995 (after a couple of years as a talking group). Construction was completed in 2001. We continue to develop as an evolving community.

We occupy 2.9 acres of land, of which approximately half is legally designated wetlands and wetlands buffer that is required to be maintained in a natural state. Our homes are a mix of renovated townhouses, and newly constructed flats and townhouses.

We are a quarter of a mile from good bus service to the center of Portland, a 35-minute ride. It takes about 10-15 minutes by car.

Our current residents range in age from one to 80. We are a mix of singles, single moms, couples, and families. We are ecumenical as to religion, or lack thereof, philosophy, sexual orientation, dietary preferences, and, at least in principle, politics. We share green values of caring for the earth and its creatures.

We are egalitarian in our governance, using consensus decision making, with provision for breaking impasses, as required by Oregon's condominium law.

Community Affiliations:
Network Affiliations:
Fellowship for Intentional Community
Last Updated:
Visitors Accepted
Visitor Process:
Personal guests of community members visit by arrangement with their hosts. Nonaffiliates contact us by email or telephone. Explain interest and reason for visit. A host will be assigned to work out details.
Cohousing Details
Cohousing Status:
Year Completed:
2.9 acres (1.2 hectares)
(About half of our land is designated wetlands where no develoment is permitted.)
Number of Units:
Non-Member Residents:
Open to new members:
Yes (Only as occupancy of homes change)
Decision Making:
By consensus (With legally required provision to break impasses)
Identified Leader:
No (We have some leadership roles in committees)
Leadership Core Group:
No (Only by the willingness and capacity of some to do more work than others.)
Labor and Money
Financial Style:
Members have independent finances
Labor Contribution:
Expected (We have a nominal minimum of 5 hours per month.)
Join Fee:
No (The costs of becoming a resident are all that is required.)
Regular Fees:
Yes (Regular Home Owners Association dues are prescribed for each home.)
Land and Buildings
Land Owners:
The community (We are legally organized as a condominium community)
No. of Residences:
26 (26 homes in 12 buildings)
Food, Etc.
% Food Grown:
1-5% (Organic comunity garden)
Shared Meals:
2-5 times/week (About half of adults participate regularly)
Dietary Choice or Restrictions:
Diet is up to each individual (We try to use organic food when available. We try to provide options to meet individual restrictions)
Dietary Practice:
Omnivorous (Vegetarian options always available)
Alcohol Use:
Used occasionally
Tobacco Use:
Prohibited (In common house, discouraged on grounds, optional in individual homes, but there are no members who are regular smokers.)
Social Factors
Common Spiritual Practices:
No (Wide range of preferences.)
Which Spiritual Traditions:
Other (Any or none)
Educational Style(s):
Other (Some private schooled off property, some public schooled)
Current Editor(s): cccoho, cohousing
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