Elder Cohousing

Seniors at Silver Sage
Future residents of Silver Sage Village explore design options for a new elder cohousing community in Boulder, CO. (Photo by Jonathan Castner)

Also known as senior cohousing, elder cohousing is designed especially for active adults, 55 and above. In elder cohousing residents can choose to grow older meaningfully, consciously and independently in a self-managed, close-knit community. Of course, senior cohousing neighborhoods include the features that define cohousing in general, but beyond that, they are built with the future in mind.

• Using universal design, each living space can transition from a home for an active lifestyle to one that supports progressing needs for accessibility.

• Common areas, indoors and out, are designed to provide easy access and recreation for all levels of physical ability.

• Studio residences can be included in a community’s common house to provide living quarters to home health aides whose services may be shared by several residents, allowing members to remain at home for all but major medical emergencies.

• Other features, services and amenities are included as needed by the community to allow seniors the comfort of "aging in place." One of the important features is that the residents control their own lives, but that's true of cohousing in general.

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