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Your Bookmark No Longer Works

When we launched the latest version of the site in February 2008, almost all pages were recreated on the new site but their web addresses had to be renamed. Use the menu at the left or the search feature in the upper right corner to find the page, then bookmark its new location.

Site Organization

10/1/08: We've been collecting your feedback on our website since our launch in January, and we heard a few things loud and clear that we've tried to address:
  • The sections don't make sense!
  • I can't tell where I am on the site
  • The menus are hard to use for people with disabilities.
Based on that and other more specific feedback, we've done away with the four big blocks of menus, and replaced them with one menu. No more flyouts (menus that move when your cursor rolls over them). Now a section will expand when you click on it, and it will stay open, showing you where you are on the website. We hope you have an easier time finding your way around the site now, and if you have any questions, please contact us.
Until 10/1/08: It would be helpful to understand a little about how the site is organized. The website is divided into the top four main sections that are seen in the "Sections" menu in the upper left corner of this and almost every page. Once you click on one of the main sections, the page you reach displays that section's unique secondary menu on the left. (These subheads are not seen on the home page.) The following graphic shows those four submenus lined up as if they could be seen together: submenus of site Some of the topics shown on the submenus occupy more than one page and are divided into subsections. Those expanded subsections are indicated with a triangle on the right of the button. Moving your cursor over that button displays the additional pages.

The About Cohousing Section has lots of introductory information and resources about cohousing, plus information about the Cohousing Association of the United States. The Magazine Section has our free monthly online Cohousing Magazine with the submenu of its contents. The next section is the Marketplace with its classified ads and the like. The Directory Section shows all the cohousing communities that have provided their information. It is easily searchable.

Notice that the section you're in has a distinctively colored background (that matches its submenu). Also a large heading above the secondary menu reminds you which section you're in.

Members Area menu

The New Members Area

A the 2008 Cohousing Conference we launched our Members Area. This is an interactive place to facilitate lots of dialog, conversation and information exchange about all the topics related to cohousing. More information about the Members Area can be found here. The Members Area is free although access to it requires enrollment, which can be done here. When you are logged in as a Member, another menu is visible below the section you visited most recently. The Members Area menu as of 10/1/08 is shown on the right.

Getting Alerts about New Content

There are two ways in which to opt to receive an email alert when new content is added to some part of the Members Area or other parts of the webside. The simpler way is to click on the blue "subscribe" link that appears at the end of the content you're interested in. You will then see the options you have. When the content you selected is updated, you will receive an email at the email address you've enrolled with. There a way to enroll for more comprehensive email alerts. To do so:

  1. Go to "My Account" which is under the "Members Area" menu on the left. Click on it.
  2. Under your user name at the top of the page is a row of tabs The third tab is "Subscriptions". Click on it.
  3. As shown in the image on the left, you can choose to "subscribe" to receive notice of updates to particular pages, particular blogs or whole categories of the website. Click on those blue links to explore the options.
  4. You can return to your account setting location to change or delete the notifications as you wish.
Alerts about new and updated Members Area blogs and forums are also available as RSS feeds. Click here to learn more about RSS feeds.

Browser support

The site can be viewed through all the most popular contemporary browser. We are aware that Internet Explorer 5.2 for the Mac does not display the site correctly - please upgrade to a more recent browser.

Copyright and privacy policies

Our copyright, reproduction and privacy policies can be found here.

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