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Lynne McGee This recipe is a hearty winter pasta. It's not vegetarian, wheat-free, or dairy-free, but it sure is good. I asked Lynne McGee if I could use it for the column because it is a favorite here at Heartwood Cohousing. Lynne is one of our founding members and I have had many, many great...
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Sandy, our new food editor, with her daughter and friends I am excited about the prospect of creating a way for communities to share recipes and ideas for making common meals fun and easy. This column is a starting place. With it I hope to share tried-and-true recipes that work for common meals...
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Here is a recipe from Ronnie Rosenbaum who is an original member of Harmony Village and was involved in the early planning for that cohousing community in Golden, CO. When she moved in 11 years ago, her children were in high school. They are now “on their own,” with a son-in-law and granddaughter...
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Here is a great and really versatile recipe from Linda Parsons of Bartimaeus Cohousing (Seattle, WA). It is so simple to make and easy to increase or decrease for different-sized groups. The recipe eliminates the need to cut butter into the flour mixture; the heavy cream provides the butterfat....
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Liz with her Moroccan Chicken My birthday is May first and last year we had a big Moroccan belly dancing party for all the girls and women in our community. It is in that spirit that I present this exotic blend of tastes and ingredients. “Moroccan chicken” was adapted from the Silver Palette...
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