Who are cohousers, anyway?

Do your friends and family ask you this question? I get it all the time. Who are these (fill in the blank) progressive, risk-taker, entrepreneurial, edgy, idealistic, wild bunch of people, anyway??

To begin answering this question, the Board of Coho/US completed a survey of 80 cohousing communities and their residents. Here is some of what was found:

  • Community life & personal benefits:
    • Having everyday connections and committed, neighborly relationships are really important.
    • Easy socializing, and especially shared meals and other activities are basic to overall good cohousing communities.
    • There is a direct correlation between common meals and work sharing and foreclosure rates! Greater participation in both happened in communities with fewer foreclosures.
  • Family life:
    • Multi-generational communities helped provide child-friendly places that parents really appreciate.
    • 80% of communities have dedicated playgrounds for the children
  • Living simply:
    • 90% of communities compost & recycle
    • 94% grow produce for common meals.

All of these finding point to a vibrant way of life. Each cohousing community is so different, and yet revolves around basic principles, many of which were underscored by the findings of this survey.

Your community may be receiving a call from a Board member as they reach out to share these survey results with our communities. Please take a moment to share what your experience is in community! You are the home of wisdom in the cohousing movement, and we want to make sure that wisdom is shared.

Report on Survey of Cohousing Communities 2011