Amazing Intensives at the National Cohousing Conference

In addition to a full range of sessions at the National Cohousing Conference, we are offering 1/2 day and full day "intensives" on specialized topics presented by cohousing experts. You can sign up for these separately, or in addition to registration.
Visit or download the program at
Consider these awesome offerings from our cohousing rockstars!

Conflict: Flight, Fight or Opportunity - Laird Schaub
Break down why conflict is scary, why it's expensive to ignore, and how to handle it constructively.

Common House Design - Grace Kim
Learn practical yet fundamental keys to success of community life.

Coming to Consensus - Eris Weaver
This powerful approach does not come easily in our competitive, hierarchical, individualistic culture

Creating Your Site Design - Mary Kraus
Bring a base map of your own site to use learning the principles of successful cohousing site design

Dynamic Governance/Sociocracy - Jerry Koch-Gonzalez & Diana Leafe Christian
"A visitor said she'd never seen a community meeting be so effective, efficient and fun!" Hope Horton, Hart's Mill

How to Get a Senior Cohousing Started - Charles Durrett
"If you took twenty seniors, put them on a boat to a desert island, they'd do a better job of taking care of themselves than any institution we have yet to create." Dr. Bill Thomas

Urban Innovation: Durham Case Study - Ellen Weinstein
From the design process, to builder selection and construction, with "lessons learned" from the co-founders

Project Management 101 - Kathryn McCamant & Jim Leach
How do you build on the strengths of resident commitment and involvement as well as the experience of professionals to create the highest long-term value for your community?