What are the different types of Classified Ads?

Advertising Policies

  • Cohousing-related Offers Only: no other ads will be accepted
  • Refund policy: All sales are final. No refunds. Credit toward future advertising may be considered.
  • All ads are screened by Coho/US staff before publishing - ads that are not related to cohousing are not posted
  • Ads may run for any duration (you set start/stop dates), but the minimum payment on credit card is $50
  • When Coho/US staff are offline, e.g. on-vacation, it may take a few days to process your ad. 24 Hours is a typical turn around time.
  • Expired ads are automatically removed from view on the website. Please use your confirmation email as a reminder to renew

To place an ad please click here.

Basic Classified Ads ($25 per month, $250 for 12 months, $50 minimum):

  • Plain text only - no image or photo
  • One web link in the Ad's text body (in addition to the community link field
  • Minimum duration: 2 months, cost: $50

Enhanced Classified Ads ($50 per month, $500 for 12 months):

  • Photo - maximum of 400x400 pixels
  • Formatted text and basic HTML tags (headlines, bold, and lists)
  • Unlimited embedded web links
  • Directory Record Link – Lists your Ad link on right side bar of your community’s listing in cohousing.org directory where applicable
  • Eligible for add-on exposure options

Options to increase exposure to your enhanced ad- Enhanced Ads ONLY:

Featured Classified Ad Listing ($75 -$175 per month):

  • Linked Headline of your Ad is listed under “Featured Classified Ads” right side bar on ALL PAGES of selected website section
  • Choose the identity and number of sections of desired exposure ($25 for each section + ad cost)
  • Choose among these sections (choose 1 to 3 sections):
    • -Marketplace (Classified Ad and cohousing Store)
    • Communities Directory
    • About Cohousing
    • all 3 sections + Home Page ($175 including enhanced ad)

List your Enhanced Ad in Cohousing Now!:
Cohousing Now! is our email broadcasted newsletter that currently reaches ~6000 members, many of which don't get to our website. When you select this option on the ad submission form, your enhanced ad will be linked into the next issue of Cohousing Now!. Cost is $25 per issue in addition to the cost of your enhanced ad package. PLEASE NOTE: our newsletter generally goes out on the LAST TUESDAY of the month.

Click here to see our current draft that is in the editing process.

Main Home Page Image Display Ad ($50 w/ enhanced classified Ad, $75 stand alone):

  • Currently being offered for Cohousing Communities listed in our directory and featured Professionals (professionals with experience working with at least 1 cohousing group).
  • Click here for more information.