Is your community represented at the National Cohousing Conference?

We recently started posting a list of all the communities with the number of people who have registered for the 2010 Natl Cohousing Conference (June 18-20, in Boulder, CO):

Its shouldn't be surprising to see people from a number of Colorado communities have signed up - not only is it less expensive (since they have minimal travel costs), but Colorado is one of the six hot-beds of Cohousing develompent.

What may be more interesting is the number with people who are traveling from far away... at this writing, communities from all of the "Cohousing hot spots," will be attending. These include:

  1. San Francisco Bay Area of California
  2. Puget Sound of Washington
  3. Central and Western Massachusetts
  4. North Carolina

The newest hot-bed, with two communities opening in 2009... drum roll please:

  • Portland, Oregon

You''ll also see the growing list of International Cohousers! The 2009 Conference had people from 10 different countries attending, we hope to see many of the friends we made at that great event.

Visit the list to see the latest roster - we hope that you'll be able to come join in the fun!

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