Village Hearth: LGBTs, Friends & Allies in Durham, NC

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Village Hearth Cohousing, LLC
North Carolina

Are you interested in:

Living smarter?
Living smaller?
Living lighter on the Earth?
Sharing resources?
Being good neighbors?
Aging in place in community?

Then Village Hearth Cohousing is for you!

WHO: We’re gathering LGBTs, friends and allies to create an active adult community of mutually supportive good neighbors.

Why LGBT? Sadly, SAGE’s “Out & Visible” survey shows that many older LGBTs go back into the closet for fear of discrimination in healthcare situations in general and in nursing homes in particular. Cohousing provides safety in numbers as well as a unique opportunity to streamline community services specific to LGBTs.

Moreover, there is a comfort to be found living in a community where we can be ourselves and be with people who share similar life experiences. Many of us don’t have children or other family, so it is up to us to support each other as we age. We welcome supportive friends and allies to share this journey with us. Just as we do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin or religion, neither do we discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. All are welcome!

WHERE: Village Hearth Cohousing has purchased fifteen beautifully wooded acres just eight miles north of vibrant downtown Durham. With an ethnically diverse population of about 245,000 people, Durham boasts a lively arts scene with dance, theatre, music, art museums, film, and sports. Fine restaurants abound. You will never be bored!

In addition, the many universities and colleges here draw talented students and faculty from all over the world. Duke Medical Center, for example, is a nationally ranked top-ten hospital, and nationally competitive collegiate sports thrive here as well. For nature lovers, Durham offers abundant access to natural areas, lakes and rivers. The American Tobacco Trail alone has 22+ miles of trails for walking and biking right through the heart of the city.

HOW: The physical design of the community will promote interaction and mutual support among residents while offering the privacy of one’s own home. Anticipating 28 units, the fully accessible, single-story attached homes will be clustered together on the land, leaving ample room for shared open space, vegetable gardens, a dog run and private back yards.

Construction will include as many sustainable features as we can afford and shared facilities may include a workshop, media room, gym, and arts/craft studio, in addition to the typical common-house features. We're very excited that our request for annexation and rezoning as well as our development plan were submitted to the Durham City/County Planning Department on May 9, 2016! If all goes well, construction may begin in the latter half of 2017 with anticipated move-in late in 2018.

Looking forward, a common house suite may also be included to share caregiver services for residents.

We have chosen to work with the experts: Katie McCamant of CoHousing Solutions ( and Chuck Durrett of McCamant & Durrett Architects ( Katie is leading us through the development process and Chuck will do site planning and design for us.

In cohousing, we choose how, where, and with whom we will live: in community, in Durham, with you!

WHY JOIN NOW? Get in on the ground floor so that you can participate in the design, be entitled to early commitment discounts, establish seniority for home selection, and help create the culture of the community.

Come for the fun; stay for the support!

Visit us at or email VillageHearthCohousing [at] gmail [dot] com to learn more or to arrange a visit. Follow us on Facebook or join our Meet-up group at Durham Village Hearth Cohousing.

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Land Day - August 28, 2015
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Long Winding Drive Invites You In
American Tobacco Campus - Durham, NC


Pat McAulay & Margaret Roesch

VillageHearthCohousing [at] gmail [dot] com


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Durham, NC - Village Hearth Cohousing, LLC
Durham, NC - Village Hearth Cohousing, LLC
Durham, NC - Village Hearth Cohousing, LLC
Durham, NC - Village Hearth Cohousing, LLC