Wolf Creek Lodge has a “Grand Opening”

As construction entered the last lap our Project Manager, Katie McCamant, strongly recommended we have a “Grand Opening”. Note: not “Open House” nor “Opening” but “Grand Opening”.

The community members did not respond with great enthusiasm.. “Let’s do this after we have moved in and settled down.” “We are really busy at the moment -- selling our homes, getting rid of excess stuff and arranging temporary accommodation.” “You must be out of your mind, how can you possibly know the building and grounds will be ready?”

However, since Katie had led this group for over six years through one international financial crisis, winter rains and other vicissitudes, now best forgotten, the community went along.

It turned out that this was a really good idea. Everyone now had a hard deadline.

There were many construction workers and craftsmen working both on the site and in the building. Since this was cohousing they knew the future home owners, unlike a speculative development. "If these folks are having an Open House on October 6th then we had better get the cabinets installed, make the doors fit, paint everything in sight, get the solar thermal panels up and running , mount the faucets, plant the trees, finish the spa and clean the place up." They took pride in their work and were determined that all would be ready on the day.

The community had to perform as well:

“Claire, thanks for buying the chairs but we really need them in Grass Valley rather than in the shipper’s warehouse in Utah. How about tables and table cloths as well?

“D&D, I wonder if you could drive down to Fresno and pick up some furniture so we have at least one home that we can stage. I know it’s hot down there but it’s got to be done by Saturday.”

“Since Virginia refuses to serve store bought cookies will everyone please start baking?”

“Hello Marketing – it would be nice if someone showed up. We need to distribute a thousand postcards and email a special edition of our newsletter. Can we keep the public radio sponsorship messages going, get an article in the local newspaper and a front page ad? We need displays, brochures and don’t forget the balloons.”

Everyone made it, the Mayor welcomed us, all the cookies were eaten and the architect, Charles Durrett, may have made the first 5 minute speech of his life.

Wolf Creek Lodge, a senior cohousing community in Grass Valley, CA, celebrated their Grand Opening on Saturday October 6th. Hundreds of people visited the new building and discovered the community members. See http://www.wolfcreeklodge.org

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