A cozy, 975 square foot cottage priced at $295,000. A rare find for an artisan oriented family who seeks a fantastic mountain setting, outdoor recreation, gardens and a desire to be part of a small community developed from Cohousing and Permaculture princ

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Breidablick is a thoughtfully crafted post and beam cottage with a copper roof. The purchase includes the one-acre parcel that the building sits on and 1/9th share of the 132-acre Common Land. Completed in 2005, Breidablick’s foremost interior feature is its living room with a cathedral ceiling spanning up to a windowed cupola 23 feet above the wide oak floors. It is a lovely room with a stone blacksmith forge, wainscoting, a library, a backup wood stove and many trims details. The 228 square foot living room combines with a 221 square foot kitchen with a half bathroom. People love to use this 508 square foot area for family events and meals.

On the second floor there is a very cozy bedroom—the best at the farm- with a full bath. In addition, we are willing to add a second bed room with bath to the building, for $60,000, creating, in effect, a 1,225 square foot building (see photo) with two bed rooms and two full and one half baths. This addition, would make Breidablick ideal for family of three or four or for a couple, without children, who seek space for a studio or a study along with more bedroom capacity.

"Breidablick" is part of the Commons at Windekind, our design, influenced by cohousing and permaculture principles, focuses on environmental and economic sustainability and the many factors that contribute to a sense of community and a place to belong. It is these factors and our magnificent setting that makes Breidablick so unique and special. The Commons will have 9 families each owning about one acre parcels and 1/9th of the 132 acres of Common Land governed by an association. The Commons has the core mission (seen on our web site) of: creating a beautiful landscape, protecting open space for recreation, gardening and farming and creating community.

Ownership of Common Land offers families a vast number of land use options. In the vicinity of Breidablick there is direct access to about 25 miles of Nordic ski and hiking trails, four gardens set in about 4 acres of lawn, and two picnic areas. On Common Land there are 3 major streams, trails, bridges, three ponds and a 1/5th size garden railway. There is also Common Land, that weaves between and through the residential community, providing a sense of connectivity and additional space for gathering areas, community gardens, commercial gardening and farming, a shops and/or a studio. On their private parcels, families can also create their own lawns and gardens and build accessory structures including small commercial spaces as a studio, a shop and a place to grow a business. The intent, is to provide a lot of space and options for creative and entrepreneurial pursuits and activity.

We are located in Huntington Vermont, a tight knit community known for excellent schools, outstanding governance, a strong focus on the environment and progressive politics. We are 25 miles from Burlington Vermont, recognized by the United Nations as a Model of sustainability.

We would love to hear from you, please call us at: 802-434-4455. Visit our web site at www.windekindfarms.com

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