National Cohousing Open House Day 2016

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Save the date for the 2017 National Cohousing Open House Day on April 29, 2017
Below is promotion for April 30, 2016 event.

A Visit is Worth a Thousand Words

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Cohousing communities across the country are welcoming the public for tours and visits. Individuals, families and groups are encouraged to attend this free event. Mark your calendar and plan your day now!

Join us as we celebrate the joy of living in our intentional, collaborative neighborhoods.

The National Cohousing Open House Day intends to inspire individuals and families to join existing or forming cohousing communities, and spark the creation of new cohousing communities.

Experience for yourself why interest in cohousing has surged in recent years!

  • Baby boomers seeking to downsize and connect more with neighbors, allowing for aging-in-place
  • Socially-conscious choosing a community-oriented and environmentally-friendly lifestyle,
  • Millennials seeking a better way to raise their families and increase collaboration with others.
For Visitors, see the list of participating Cohousing Communities. Find ones near you or travel to those of interest for this special occasion! RSVP here.

For Communities, we'd love to have you sign up! Learn more here

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What is Cohousing?

A community where neighbors share conversations, meals and milestones;
A fun, safe, and healthy environment where you live more lightly on the planet;
A home where you enjoy privacy, within a life enhancing neighborhood.

National Cohousing Open House Day