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When a factually inaccurate statement is made at a meeting but noted for correction at a later meeting, the minutes of the meeting will reflect what was said at the meeting, and any correction will be recorded at the meeting where the correction is discussed.
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AFFORDABILITY FUND (10/1/95; policies & procedures 2/3/96-Finance Committee) Policy and Procedure for the Affordability Fund are set by the Finance Committee. Any decision of the Finance Committee may be appealed first to the Finance Committee and...
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1 DEFINITION OF UNIT (Master Deed) 1 The boundaries of units consist of the outside face of the exterior framing members, and, as to basement areas, the interior face of concrete walls. The units shall also include all windows and any porches or decks attached thereto, even if outside the...
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We are having a moratorium on External guests. The ones that we have no connection with until further work has been done on what it means and what it looks like and when we are ready. 6-14-09 GUESTS: Guests are Invited family, friends and supporters of the Ecovillage. RESERVATIONS: A...
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DEVELOPMENT FEES Development fees are charged when any owner expands the finished space of their unit. Development fees are set at attic spaces $15/sq ft; basement $5 (10/1/95) [Main floor space development fee set at $25 by Master Deed...
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1 Context: The Ad Hoc Facilitators “think tank” (Dyan, Steve, Mike and Jerry) on additions agreed that we may have gone as far it is useful to go in the discussions of what has been called principles, values, and/or guidelines related to additions. In some Quaker meetings, when...
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WAITING LIST HOW TO GET ON THE WAITING LIST Approved 11/17/95, with authority to Membership Committee to rearrange the order of steps as they see fit. Here are the steps you must complete in order to be put on the waiting list (the first four steps do...
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