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  FINANCES - LATE CONDO FEES (orig 2/11/95; last revision by Finance Committee 2/17/01) Condo fees are due on the first of the month The grace period ends on the 15th of the month. The finance charge on late condo fees is 14.5%, with a minimum charge...
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Only unscented laundry products will be used at Columbia Ecovillage. This includes laundry sheets, detergents, and fabric softeners In order to allow community members to use up previously purchase products, scented laundry products will be allowed in the washing machine in the farm house until...
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  FINANCES - CAPITAL FUND The Capital Fund is established as a permanent fund for major expenses beyond the scope of the annual budget (such as the West Deck, etc.) Funds for the Capital Fund are allocated in the annual operating budget or by special...
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General Rules The following rules are in addition to any requirements for construction or alterations set forth in the Declaration of Condominium Ownership for Columbia Ecovillage Condominium, Bylaws of Columbia Ecovillage Condominium Owners’ Association, or any other Rules and Regulations...
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  REPLACEMENT RESERVES Replacement Reserves is a fixed amount included in every year’s budget. Replacement Reserves are set aside, usually in a separate account, and build up year by year. Replacement reserves are spent whenever some big ticket...
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1 The Finance Committee is responsible for legal matters concerning the community. (By budget approval) 2 Robin Luberoff is retained as the community’s lawyer without compensation. (2/28/98)
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When a factually inaccurate statement is made at a meeting but noted for correction at a later meeting, the minutes of the meeting will reflect what was said at the meeting, and any correction will be recorded at the meeting where the correction is discussed.
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