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Posted by Fred Olson on Cohousing-L: From the Cohousing Directory on the number of cohousing communities: Completed: 111 Building 22 Own Site 21 Site Optioned 6 Seeking Site 12 Forming 38 Retrofitting 11 Total active: 221 in 36 states...
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A list of the 6 mistakes that groups have made that contributed to their downfall or cost them significant financial loses and/or membership problems. Not a scientific study but reflects 20 years of reading Cohousing-L. 1. NOT READING COHOUSING-L. Cohousing-L will give you access to hundreds of...
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Views since 5/2014: 1,949
Introduction Cohousing is a form of collaborative housing designed to emphasize social contact among community members while preserving and respecting individual privacy. Private homes, which contain all the features of conventional homes, are builtwithin a compound that affords easy access to...
Views since 5/2014: 2,238
Do your friends and family ask you this question? I get it all the time. Who are these (fill in the blank) progressive, risk-taker, entrepreneurial, edgy, idealistic, wild bunch of people, anyway?? To begin answering this question, the Board of Coho/US completed a survey of 80 cohousing...
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In 2010, the Board of the Cohousing Association of the United States began a three-phase research project in order to better serve its existing constituency, assist those wishing to form new communities, and promote the value of cohousing. This report describes the first phase, an extensive survey...
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Researchers and writers gathered at the cohousing conference in June 2011 to form the Cohousing Researchers Network (CRN). Its purpose is to increase and improve knowledge about cohousing. WHAT COHOUSING COMMUNITIES CAN DO FOR THE CRN 1. When researchers and writers request tours or...
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