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Mike Ortosky, a founder of Earthwise Company, will be our Keynote Speaker at the National Cohousing Conference May 28-31 in Durham, NC. Mike and his associates are committed to initiatives that are based in the principles of environmental and economic sustainability and social equity. Mike shared...
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Patrick Han, Coho/US Board member, was approached by The Henry George School of Social Science in New York City to lead a seminar on cohousing Jan 28th. Patrick muses, "although there are no cohousing communities in NY City yet, the ‘word’ is being brought to the heathens." More on the session "...
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With cohousing communities taking hold in the early 1990’s, we have produced a generation of “children of cohousing.” These now-young adults benefited greatly from growing up in a cohousing community. We are looking for their stories, their experiences; how they have applied “cohousing lessons” in...
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2016 Update: There was a fabulous conference in 2014! Please consider attending our 2016 Cohousing Conference in Salt Lake City. Visit www.cohousing.org/2016aging There will be a Regional Cohousing Conference in Boulder, Colorado, on the weekend of Sept 26-28, 2014. All cohousers, wanna-be...
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The following listings are public events given by cohousing communities & organizations. Events are shown in their own timezones. Submit an event here.
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Kraus Fitch Architects is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with Transformations, Inc in developing a new cohousing community as part of the Village Hill neighborhood development in Northampton. We have been holding informational meetings about cohousing and the potential for this...
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Nearly 600 participants attended Neighborhood USA's 29th annual conference May 21-25 in Eugene, Oregon, and Oakleigh Meadow, Eugene's first cohousing neighborhood, was there with them. Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing, a 28 unit community being built right on the city's waterfront, is scheduled to begin...
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