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Like many other baby boomers, the experience of caring for elder parents had a profound effect on my vision of aging in America. Although, my work had been focused on improving the lives of seniors through the use of technology and options for aging in place, the realities of aging in place didn’t...
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Katie McCamant's recent interview centered on cohousing's benefits to those entering the "next act" of their lives. Her responses speak to the tandem benefits of this nexus: aging in community while remaining integrated in the fabric of our chosen city/region. Katie's experience as development...
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When talking about “Aging in Community” I often refer to a senior-friendly cohousing community. Please don’t confuse the term senior-friendly with senior-only. Senior-friendly can refer to either multi-generational or seniors only communities. They both modify the cohousing model to create...
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The stereotype and dominant paradigm of cohousing communities as they've developed over the past quarter century in the US is that our neighborhoods are great places for kids, the next generation, families, call it what you like. We're all about the "village" it takes to raise a child, in the eyes...
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[Editor's note: this is a repost from Ann Zabaldo's blog on MidAtlantic Cohousing website] [Coho/US Executive Director Alice Alexander] met with 23 members of Mid Atlantic Cohousing in a "white gloves off" session to discuss the challenges facing cohousing communities as members are aging. What...
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"Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community" (click for preview trailer) is a new documentary by Alan O'Hashi, a filmmaker and resident of Silver Sage in Boulder, CO. Alan's film includes interviews on aging in community with six of his cohousing neighbors. Visit his website to learn more about Alan'...
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Save the Date! Aging in Community Cohousing Conference May 20 – 21, 2016 Salt Lake City, Utah Co-Produced by Coho/US and SageHill Cohousing This conference is designed to fuel a nationwide development of senior friendly cohousing communities. To help remove development barriers, presenters...
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Check out the list of participating communities! We invite you and all cohousing communities - Forming, Building and Established - to open your hearts and doors on this day for public visitors and to showcase your community. To participate, fill out our form A visit is worth a thousand...
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Click here for the photos, or see below!
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A great video from the conference, courtesy of Ava Lazar (11) and Mia Lazar (13) who are kids living in cohousing Click here to view
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