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Save the Date! Aging in Community Cohousing Conference May 20 – 21, 2016 Salt Lake City, Utah Co-Produced by Coho/US and SageHill Cohousing This conference is designed to fuel a nationwide development of senior friendly cohousing communities. To help remove development barriers, presenters...
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Check out the list of participating communities! We invite you and all cohousing communities - Forming, Building and Established - to open your hearts and doors on this day for public visitors and to showcase your community. To participate, fill out our form A visit is worth a thousand...
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Click here for the photos, or see below!
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A great video from the conference, courtesy of Ava Lazar (11) and Mia Lazar (13) who are kids living in cohousing Click here to view
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Interested in partnering with Coho/US to produce a regional conference? Coho/US is seeking the support of cohousing communities, related organizations, and professionals in producing Regional Cohousing Conferences that encourage and nurture the growth of cohousing, cohousing-like communities,...
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Here’s my take on what went “wrong” at the conference: 1. Overall length of conference — waaay too short. 2. Length of individual presentation times — too short. Sessions went over as attendees continued asking questions I wanted answers to. 3. Food — Gained 1 lb. 4...
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Thank you for allowing Organic Transit to show the CoHousing Conference attendees our ELF. If you didn’t get a chance to see the ELF, it is the solar/pedal powered, battery assist recumbent bike. The ELF has a top electric speed of 20 mph, 500 pound payload carrying capacity, weather protection...
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This is part of a "Go Ask Alice" blog posted by Rosemary Wyman with Jubilee Cohousing Jubilee Cohousing was a National Cohousing Conference Community Sponsor I can promise you I wasn’t smoking or doing anything trippy, but the three days that I spent at the...
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WOW. I'd wager it's not just me feeling giddy after this weekend's Conference. It's even hard to choose a standout moment. As a pre-Conference volunteer, I had a chance to see some of those gears cranking in the months leading up to May, and really, just got a small taste of the enormous amount...
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[Photos Courtesy of R Philip Dowds] What an amazing experience! The 2015 National Cohousing Conference was a huge success by any measure. The comments received were overwhelmingly positive; the criticisms primarily noted that the rooms were too small and the A/C challenged, driven by our sell-...
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