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"Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community" (click for preview trailer) is a new documentary by Alan O'Hashi, a filmmaker and resident of Silver Sage in Boulder, CO. Alan's film includes interviews on aging in community with six of his cohousing neighbors. Visit his website to learn more about Alan'...
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Save the Date! Aging in Community Cohousing Conference May 20 – 21, 2016 Salt Lake City, Utah Co-Produced by Coho/US and SageHill Cohousing This conference is designed to fuel a nationwide development of senior friendly cohousing communities. To help remove development barriers, presenters...
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Check out the list of participating communities! We invite you and all cohousing communities - Forming, Building and Established - to open your hearts and doors on this day for public visitors and to showcase your community. To participate, fill out our form A visit is worth a thousand...
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Click here for the photos, or see below!
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A great video from the conference, courtesy of Ava Lazar (11) and Mia Lazar (13) who are kids living in cohousing Click here to view
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Interested in partnering with Coho/US to produce a regional conference? Coho/US is seeking the support of cohousing communities, related organizations, and professionals in producing Regional Cohousing Conferences that encourage and nurture the growth of cohousing, cohousing-like communities,...
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Here’s my take on what went “wrong” at the conference: 1. Overall length of conference — waaay too short. 2. Length of individual presentation times — too short. Sessions went over as attendees continued asking questions I wanted answers to. 3. Food — Gained 1 lb. 4...
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Thank you for allowing Organic Transit to show the CoHousing Conference attendees our ELF. If you didn’t get a chance to see the ELF, it is the solar/pedal powered, battery assist recumbent bike. The ELF has a top electric speed of 20 mph, 500 pound payload carrying capacity, weather protection...
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This is part of a "Go Ask Alice" blog posted by Rosemary Wyman with Jubilee Cohousing Jubilee Cohousing was a National Cohousing Conference Community Sponsor I can promise you I wasn’t smoking or doing anything trippy, but the three days that I spent at the...
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WOW. I'd wager it's not just me feeling giddy after this weekend's Conference. It's even hard to choose a standout moment. As a pre-Conference volunteer, I had a chance to see some of those gears cranking in the months leading up to May, and really, just got a small taste of the enormous amount...
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