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Occupying Our Neighborhoods

In the past few months, I have been visiting Cohousing communities in Boulder, the East Bay, Portland and the Puget Sound region. Though our neighborhoods have lower than average foreclosure rates, and homes tend to hold their value in a declining market, cohousing communities still feel the impacts of a struggling economy and country.

Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods; Learning from the Cohousing Experience

Sustainability… this slippery, compelling, full-of-promise word is applied to so many things. The theme of the 2012 National Conference is Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods; Learning from the Cohousing Experience. To be held in the San Francisco bay area, this gathering will be in the back yards of some of the most diverse and urban Cohousing communities in the country – Swan’s Market, a dense and multicultural urban cohousing community ( ); and Temescal Creek, a retrofit neighborhood, both in Oakland. ( )

HIRED! Coho/US is looking for a Part Time Operations Manager

THE OPPORTUNITY: Operations Manager

Support the Executive Director at the Cohousing Association of the United States, a small nonprofit that is building a better society one neighborhood at a time. We are seeking a part-time operations manager to be a part of the growth of Coho/US.


This position reports directly to the Executive Director and will encompasses a variety of responsibilities. Examples of common tasks include:

Bookkeeping (working with Executive Director, Board Treasurer, and accountant)

  • process expense reports; file receipts; prepare reimbursement forms, write checks
  • enter income and expenses and reconcile entries with bank statements
  • prepare forms for state and federal registrations
  • create monthly financial reports
  • collect and summarize project expenses and inventory costs


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Highlights from the 2011 National Cohousing Conference

This is one of the few conferences that I attend annually where I wear more than one or two hats. At most conferences I’m an attendee and frequently I’m a presenter. However, at this conference I also wear the hat of National Board Member, professional (cohousing architect – aka “expert”), and cohouser (member of a forming cohousing group). While it is not uncommon to have these other identities at other conferences, they are not repeatedly highlighted throughout those conferences in the same way.

Conference Attendee List

Did you attend the conference this year? If so you have access to the Conference Attendee List*. Enter the email address with which you registered for the conference and your conference password.

* This list only includes people who agreed to have their contact information shared with other attendees.

Cohousing Conference Videos

The results of a National Conversation at the National Cohousing Conference,
June 15-­19, 2011, Washington, DC

Download the Document

2011: The Cohousing Blues

2010 Keynote: Bill McKibben

Join the Coho/US board!

The Cohousing Association of the U.S. (Coho/US) has added four wonderful new board members in recent months, but a similar number will be retiring at the end of the year. Since we would like to expand the board from its current nine members, we are continuing to look for new board members. Our geographic representation has improved and the retiring members won’t hurt it much, so we now welcome applications from anywhere! Someone with a strong IT background would be particularly valuable.

You can find the application and the board member expectations in Microsoft Word format here: If interested, please send a completed application to davidentin [at] comcast [dot] net and ludlummeg [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you for your interest.

Invitation to the 2011 Conference


You are invited to join us June 17-19, 2011 in our nation’s capital for the Annual Conference of the Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US). We have an exciting program planned with something for everyone in the place to raise awareness of cohousing among national thought leaders and policymakers.

At our annual conferences, cohousing residents connect, learn and share their experiences, cohousing seekers get help and support in finding or creating the neighborhood they yearn for, and the curious get all of their questions about cohousing answered by those farther along in the process, and by experienced professionals. We fully expect that every attendee at the conference will walk away inspired, energized, excited and full of new useful information and ideas.

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