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Conference Appreciation

I've just returned home from the National Conference in Seattle this weekend. I want to express my deep appreciation for the incredible effort it took to put this event on, the inspirational presence and talks by Jan, Mark and Robert, the great presentations, volunteers, and participants. And much, much more! I'm exhausted and exhilarated. Let's use our energy to further the movement.

How I spend my time... as ED

The IRS recently required that I specify how my time (and cost) as the Coho/US Executive Director is split across our four "businesses" - Association Management, Conferences, Tours, and Online. I do lots of things and wear many Coho/US hats - some of them are hard to put into a particular "business" as they so often overlap. Some donors (both communities and individuals) want to better understand how their donations are used - something that I lead, under the guidance of the Board of Directors. I thought some of the readers out there in " land" might be interested in some specifics about what I'm up to on a day-to-day basis.

Cohousing Now! issue #1

Well, we did it! Unfortunately, its a good news and bad news kind of thing!

First, the Good News

The inaugural issue of Cohousing Now! was released on the same day that Barack Obama became President Obama*. The first issue was entirely hand-built, basically flat HTML that was carefully crafted on the cohousing website and then turned into email for the issue.

Now, the Bad News

During the broadcast our ISP's Server had severe memory problems... the email broadcast had display problems for some of our thousands of readers. Instead of black, orange, and blue text on a white background, they received black and blue text on a very dark background... we received lots of very nice emails telling us about this - or asking about the display problem... how disappointing to have this come up!

Coho/US Community Improvement Grants


The Cohousing Association of the U.S. is pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 Community Improvement Grant competition (see Grant Competition Announcement). Eight great proposals were submitted, and the decision wasn't easy! Heartwood Cohousing Community in Bayfield, Colorado will receive $2,000 to plan, design, and construct a root cellar to preserve community and locally-grown produce; and Bear Grass Village in Ashland, Oregon will receive $500 to support their project to optimize parent-child and child-child dynamics. In combination, these two projects explore how to implement physical as well as social improvements in cohousing.

Great Proposals

New approach toward blogging?

Hi All,

Since becoming Executive Director of Coho/US, I've made very few posts to the website under my name. I have been involved in lots of content changes and managing different processes behind the scenes. My intention is to start making Blog posts now and then to share more about what's going on...

My focus will be the cohousing movement and what Coho/US is up to (via the website and more broadly). Accordingly, here's some of what's going on and/or coming soon.

Call-In #1: Transcript

This transcript of the Oct 25 Call-in was prepared by volunteer Liza Cobb. Coho/US connected with Liza through Cohousing-L, the invaluable listserv used by many cohousers and those interested in cohousing for an ongoing day-to-day dialog. Coho/US greatly appreciates the contribution that Liza made to the cohousing movement by preparing this transcript.

Call Transcript

[Lisa Poley]: Hi, this is Lisa Poley, and I just wanted to open, officially open, and welcome participants to our conference, and the topic today is cohousing and the current economic crisis. We have a really nice wonderful group of panelists here that are going to come and share their ideas and views and advice.

Just briefly to introduce myself. I live in Shadow Lake Village Cohousing, and I am a recent member of the Cohousing Association board, a newly joined member, and I will be moderator for this conference.

Call-In #1: Economic Crisis and Cohousing (Oct. 25, 2008)

Call-In #1 was a great success - feedback we received was gratifying and we used it to improve Call-In #2: Current Economy and Forming Groups.

The 1-hour 22-minute Call-In was recorded and is available to hear now:

<bgsound src="/docs/EconomicCrisisAndCohousingOct252008Call.mp3"></bgsound>

Alternatively, you can read the full transcript.

About the Conversation

In the call, some prominent cohousing authorities held an interesting conversation about the current economic climate and how it impacts cohousing - for people living in cohousing today, people involved in communities under construction and for early-stage forming groups. This broad-ranging conversation featured:

Dr. Lisa Poley, Coho/US board member, moderated the discussion. Joining her were:

2009 Area & Accomodations

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