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Our '08 Conference: The Overview

by Donna Freiermuth

The 2008 Cohousing Conference “was a resounding success,” says Craig Ragland,
Coho/US executive director. One participant said, “Anyone who has an interest in upgrading the way their life works should attend the conference. An overview and five pages of photos from the conference.

2009 Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsoring and Supporting the 2009 Conference

There are three levels for Professional Sponsorships, Cohousing and other Non-Profits, and Individual Supporters. More people than ever have the opportunity to help grow our vital movement.

International Cohousing Summit

As the first of its kind, the International Cohousing Summit was intended to begin a dialogue amongst countries and establish a network for continued interaction.

Many countries have long established communities that can provide advice, anecdotal evidence, and hope to those in countries where cohousing is a burgeoning concept. This Summit addressed some of these common concerns and the pitfalls to avoid in developing new communities. We have begun creating ways to maintain contact with each other, as well as plan for future work together (either physical or virtual). This video was created at the Summit and shared at the 2009 National Cohousing Conference Keynote...

2008 Film Festival

As part of the three-day 2008 National Cohousing Conference on innovative and sustainable neighborhoods, you are invited to attend a FREE evening of short films on "Visions of Community" on Thursday, June 12 starting at 7:30 PM at Bentley College's Wilder Pavilion Auditorium. This specific event is open to the general public, rather than just those who register for the conference.

The Conference: Time is Running Out

Five areas of focus. An amazing 55 presentations – more than ever before. Meals included. Fabulous dormitory accommodations with games, a kitchen and gathering areas downstairs. Author and Design-Build Architect John Abrams. Swing music at dinner with dancing afterward. A video introduction to cohousing. New friends and old friends. The best community gathering the nation has ever seen.

Haven’t registered for the conference yet? Seriously? Don’t miss it, discounted registration is almost over! For four days in Boston’s Waltham community at picturesque Bentley College, folks representing cohousing communities from across the country, as well as those just getting to know cohousing for the first time, will gather to feed or reignite their passion with informative presentations, workshops, community tours and social events.

2009 Seattle Conference; Growing Community

Seattle Conference

June 24-28, 2009
University of Washington - Seattle, Washington

The conference was a great success!!
Thanks to everyone who attended.

Coho/US thanks our 2009 Conference Sponsors and Supporters.

There are no longer any scholarships available.

Dorm housing options are no longer available.

Bus Tours: Wed, June 24 (SOLD OUT), Thu, June 25 afternoon (SOLD OUT), and Fri, June 26 (SOLD OUT). Tickets still available for the Thu, June 25 morning City of Seattle Cohousing tour.

Registered Conference Attendees can click here and enter your email address and the password which you created when you registered to see the list of those who agreed to be in this Conference Directory.

Growing Community! This is the theme for the 1st Annual Conference of the Cohousing Association of the United States. While we've hosted conferences in the past, we have graduated to an annual conference to accommodate the increased interest in the growing cohousing movement.

This conference is THE venue for those who already live in cohousing, who are currently seeking a community, and professionals serving cohousing communities to learn new ways to "grow community." National Cohousing Conferences are also the ideal place for newcomers to learn about cohousing - whether you are exploring the idea of living in community or a public official trying to understand how to encourage community oriented development. Besides, the people who attend Coho/US Conferences love them!

Come to the 2009 National Conference and see the power of community for yourself. With more than 50 program offerings - featured speakers, workshops, seminars, and tours-there's something for everyone!

conference sessionIn 2009, our Conference starts with the International Cohousing Summit, an invitation-only event of Cohousing Thought Leaders from around the world, followed by an expanded offering of Pre-conference Workshops and Tours, and then the Main Event, the 2009 National Cohousing Conference. All three are based at the beautiful University of Washington campus, where attendees can choose and register for a greater variety of options than ever before.

International Cohousing Summit

Sunday, June 21, 2009 - Tuesday, June 23, 2009
This by-invitation Summit brings together Cohousing pioneers and leaders from around the world to exchange histories, ideas, and best practices. Confirmed participants include notable figures such as Jan Gudmand Hoyer (architect and founder of the Danish Cohousing movement) and Chuck Durrett (author and founder of the US Cohousing movement). Over a dozen countries will be represented including Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Korea, and Italy.

Results from the summit will be “instant-published” for the 2009 National Cohousing Conference which follows it. This event is currently being planned by Coho/US in collaboration with the UK Cohousing Network and the Canadian Cohousing Network.

Pre-conference Workshops and Tours

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - Friday, June 26, 2009Tree Bressen

In 2009, the workshops and tours will step up to a new level. In addition to the 3-hour workshops of the past, we will be offering both day-long and two-day workshops. Workshops will range from Free, Introductory Presentations for those new to Cohousing to in-depth offerings for Forming Groups, Established Communities, and Cohousing Professionals. Our 2009 Pre-conference Tours will also be expanded to offer a greater variety of community experiences than we've been able to produce in the past. With 13 built Cohousing Communities, Washington state has the second largest number of Cohousing Communities in the United States - we've selected nine in Puget Sound for the Pre-Conference Tours, a chance for you to see Cohousing up-close and personal.

2009 National Cohousing Conference

Click above to hear comments about last year's conference.
Friday, June 26, 2009 - Sunday, June 28, 2009

The 2009 Conference is our first-ever annual conference and we are pulling out all the stops to create an incredible experience for you. We have a wide range of programs to satisfy the Cohousing neophytes as well as old-timers; professionals and planning officials as well as residents. In addition to the high quality educational programming, there will be many social networking opportunities – both formal and informal as well as the first ever National Cohousing Olympics. Click on the links below to learn more about what we have in store for you, or take a look at the conference schedule grid.

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Grace Kim Joins Coho/US Board

Architect Grace Kim has joined the Coho/US Board. Grace Kim is an architect and co-founding principal of Schemata Workshop, a five-person architectural collaborative in Seattle.

13 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Cohousing Conference

We came up with a bakers dozen of reasons why you need to be at the June Cohousing Conference in Boston.

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