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About our new website

The website has a new look and feel. Learn a little about how it works as well as a little about our plans for the site and how much we'd like to hear what you'd like on the site.

Early-bird registration for the 2008 Cohousing Conference is about to begin

Reserve your spot soon and get the best deal on limited on-site housing. Early-bird registration is $195 per person for the main conference program, with lodging an unbelievable $30 per person per night on campus. Sign up beginning next week!

Our first Webinar was a hit

The December 3 Webinar of Katie McCamant’s “Investing in Sustainability: Financing Cohousing” was very well received by its attendees. The CD ROM version is now available. In answering evaluation questions at the end of the webinar, 92% of the respondents rated the webinar content as Excellent or Good. And 88% said that they would Absolutely or Very Likely recommend a webinar to other people.

Coho/US looks forward

It is with great pleasure that the Cohousing Association of the United States Board of Directors announces the hiring of an Executive Director. We are delighted to have Craig Ragland fill this newly created part-time paid position.

2003 Sponsors

Thanks to all of our sponsors for making the conference such a grand success in June 2003!

2003 Sessions

dinner tableThe 2003 Cohousing Conference had our most diverse and enticing selection of weekend workshop sessions to date. With more than 50 offerings, we had something for everyone, including forming communities, established communities, intentional communities, as well as folks with a particular interest in design and construction. From money, meals and marketing to community, sustainability and affordability, the hardest choice was narrowing down which workshops to attend.

2001 Conference

Professional seminar facilitated by Shari Leach


Breakfast bar in the Commons

Doctor's Tent

Laird Schaub and Chris Hanson at the “Cohousing Doctor's Tent”

The 2001 North American Cohousing Conference at the University of California, Berkeley was a great success with record numbers of participants.

In addition to presentations and workshops, special events included an auction and a “doctor-is-in” session in which experienced cohousers and cohousing professionals answered individual questions.

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