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1999 Conference

The 1999 North American Cohousing Conference was held in Amherst, MA, amidst the colorful fall foliage one weekend in October 1999. The two oldest cohousing communities on the East Coast – Pioneer Valley and Pine Street – jointly hosted the event. Unlike previous years where conferences were in convention facilities, the gathering took place in actual cohousing communities. In these venues, attendees experienced life in cohousing firsthand. They assisted in preparing meals, addressed building design and site planning issues, and spoke with residents about creating and living in a cohousing neighborhood.

Pioneer Valley
Pioneer Valley Community

1997 Conference

The conference bookstore was the place to hang out.

More than 180 people representing 44 cohousing groups from 16 states gathered in September 1997 for the Third North American Conference in Seattle, WA. The conference provided an exceptionally wide array of learning opportunities, with dozens of sessions on topics ranging from getting started to site analysis, financing, marketing and getting the work done in a completed community.

2008 Boston Conference

Conference 08

It was: June 12–15, 2008
Waltham, MA (near Boston)

The 2008 National Cohousing Conference was at Bentley College.

This truly beautiful campus served as the home base for many participants, who stayed in dorms, others choose to stay at area hotels. Airport shuttles were available.

National Cohousing Conference

The Cohousing Association of the United States has been presenting National Conferences for many years. They are offered in various cities around the United States to make the more accessible to people living in different regions. A key criteria when selecting a hosting city has been the availability of local cohousing communities and the level of support from local volunteers. Coho/US is happy to consider new locations. Click on one of the links below to see information about our National Cohousing Conferences!

2006 National Cohousing Conference - A weekend of collaboration and celebration in Chapel Hill, NC

by Donna Freiermuth

Imagine that your cohousing group just found a site and you have the chance to hear three of the most experienced cohousing developers in the United States offer you pointers on how to finance your project. Or imagine meeting someone who is willing to tell you about the agreements that will keep your group from self-destructing – because he’s lived in community 32 years and has given it a lot of thought. Or maybe you’d like to hear from two experts about how to make your project more affordable. Or perhaps...

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Board membership changes

Barbara Lynch became the President of the Board of Directors of Coho/US in January 2007. Barbara and her husband live in Pleasant Hill Cohousing in Pleasant Hill, CA, having been founders of that community.

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