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The data for the Cohousing Directory listing and this map is maintained by the Fellowship of Intentional Communities. To add or edit your listing, follow these instructions. Be sure to zoom in closely - to the level of street-by-street readability, when looking for a specific community or...
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If you’ve signed up for the Cohousing Conference, you may have chosen your intensives or mapped out your top picks for sessions. Well, if I could direct your eyes to the Networking Tab on the Conference webpage, there’s another way to connect with specific groups during your downtime. There are...
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Here’s a short excerpt from an article by Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing, a cohousing community forming in Eugene, Oregon, that first appeared in Communities magazine #164 (Fall 2014) – Community Conversations. “The Sneetches and Other Stories,” “Hatchet,” “The Happy Hollisters,” “The Secret Garden...
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Happy Holidays! What an enormous gift cohousing gives to those living in community ☺ Many of you currently live in cohousing, have collaborated on construction or development of communities, or are in the process of finding your new cohousing home. So, have you ever thought… I’d love to help...
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A dance around the maypole is one of the traditions Songaia has woven into its annual Earthday celebrations. How do people in cohousing create traditions? How do we mark the major life events of our members, such as births, coming-of-age, marriages and deaths? How do we celebrate community...
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Question: I would like to know the number of units of the smallest Cohousing communities and people's opinions about the smallest number of units necessary for a viable Cohousing community. Response: Years ago, somewhere in the literature I saw the results of a survey that the ideal size was 25-...
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Posted by Fred Olson on Cohousing-L: From the Cohousing Directory on the number of cohousing communities: Completed: 111 Building 22 Own Site 21 Site Optioned 6 Seeking Site 12 Forming 38 Retrofitting 11 Total active: 221 in 36 states...
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The following listings are public events given by cohousing communities & organizations. Events are shown in their own timezones. Submit an event here.
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