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This summary has been created by the Affordable Cohousing Task Group of The Cohousing Association of the United States (CohoUS). It is intended to be a resource for existing and forming cohousing communities for researching affordable housing subsidies. The summary describes a variety of public and...
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Report: In January 2010, the Cohousing Association of the United States (COHO/US) chartered an Affordable Cohousing Task Group. The purpose was to address the need for more affordable units in cohousing communities. Many communities have struggled to create affordable units in their communities,...
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Want to know what other communities have done? You can find examples in our Policy Database, including the collection of Useful Documents done by Laura Fitch and others in December of 2011. To submit a policy for inclusion on this site, contact our webmaster.
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There are some terrific books for people working to create communities. Here are some of them: Widgets If you can't see the Amazon widget above, try turning adblock off for this site. You can also try our overall bookstore page, at
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Useful Documents shared by existing and forming communities The purpose of this compilation is to provide a simple way for forming and existing cohousing (and other intentional) communities to find useful documents. The Cohousing Association of the US (CohoUS) gathered these documents through...
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Many professionals are interested in providing services to forming groups and existing communities. Coho/US does not screen Other Professional listings. Professionals demonstrating cohousing experience are eligible to upgrade to a Featured Professional listing. Please click here for more details or...
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The first steps in creating a new cohousing community don’t need to be abstract, circular or ambiguous. One of cohousing’s sages updates his worthwhile advice on where a new forming group should focus its energy. These are some of the elements to consider working on in the first months you...
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Cohousing-L is an email discussion list on all aspects of cohousing -- development, design, move-in, organizing work, community life, governance, finances, legal questions, etc. Many cohousing veterans and professionals participate in the discussion offering information that is almost immediate and...
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Communities designing their common houses often ask about what they will need. What do people really use? What kind of storage is needed and what will go in it? Is an office necessary and for what? They don’t know about storage for 8 snow shovels or 6 different kinds of brooms and mops. When our...
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Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing member and Eugene architect Will Dixon has donated time and his design work to help create Emerald Village Eugene (EVE), a micro-house community for previously homeless Eugene residents. Dixon’s design is turning into one of 22 EVE homes. Each design had to meet state...
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