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If you are looking for a cohousing community, the best place to go is our Cohousing Directory! You can browse by state, or search for a community you may have heard of. To obtain more information about any listed community, contact that community directly using the contact information they...
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Doyle Street (Emeryville, CA) resident Barry Harris talks about the site. (Photo by Evangeline Welch) Many years ago while living at Doyle Street Cohousing in Emeryville, CA, I casually mentioned to a visiting tour group that I planned to offer my unit for sale within eight or nine months...
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1. You find existing and forming cohousing communities in every state, see the directory on this site: 2. To find forming community groups, cohousing units for sale or rent, or cohousers seeking housemates in existing communities, see “Marketplace,” the...
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Cohousing-L is an email discussion list on all aspects of cohousing -- development, design, move-in, organizing work, community life, governance, finances, legal questions, etc. Many cohousing veterans and professionals participate in the discussion offering information that is almost immediate and...
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Our Classified Ads are a great place to find a house for sale (or better yet, a home for sale!), a house for rent, a cohousing group near you, a tour, workshop, or other event, and more! If you're looking to sell or rent your cohousing home, grow your forming group, or promote your cohousing...
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Fresno Cohousing residents and friends discuss the benfits of buying a cohousing home and living in a cohousing community. Children and adults enjoy leisure and private time. Eat together as friends and enjoy the benefits of sustainable living and green homes.
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Lately, religious conferences, publications and broadcasters have taken an interest in cohousing. A number of newer projects and groups are overtly religious. At the 2006 Cohousing Conference speaker Kathryn McCamant, while describing the growth of cohousing, half-jokingly asked “what are we...
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If a tour isn’t feasible, visit a community on your own. Shown is Puget Ridge Cohousing in Seattle. (Photo by Graham Meltzer) One of the best introductions to cohousing is visiting existing communities. The easiest way is through one of the cohousing bus tours that take place with some...
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Adapted with permission from Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community (New Society Publishers, 2007). If you’d like to join an already-built cohousing community, each of your visits, whether sitting in on meetings or participating in common house dinners, is a rich...
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Download the "What is Cohousing?" slideshow from Kraus Fitch Architects, or view it below.
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