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Coho/US has created a tri-fold brochure available for download printing. The brochure provides an introduction and welcoming to cohousing. We encourage you to use as a recruiting tool for potential members, and an education tool for the general public. Let us know how you are using the brochure,...
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by Craig Freshley copyright © 2006 Craig Freshley, unless otherwise noted Please see the Good Group Decisions website to learn more about your usage rights or learn about Craig and his work. Interested in a hard copy of the whole book? The Wisdom of Group Decisions is available for...
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We encourage you to add your name to our database of people interested in Cohousing. Check the boxes at right, and we'll connect you with forming groups, cohousing professionals and the latest developments in the Cohousing movement. You may unsubscribe at any time and your information will...
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These tools of use to groups tackling issues come from Seeds for Change, a British nonprofit that seeks to equip those working for change with better skills. This is a compilation of tools that we have found useful when working in groups. Often it is best to have someone facilitate these...
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What’s the conference schedule and what does registration include? The conference schedule is detailed on the conference webpage, beneath the fold http://www.cohousing.org/2015conference The main schedule is Friday 3:00 pm - Sunday Noon; your registration fee includes all program offerings...
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Several years ago in Nashville we started with four people who really wanted to see a cohousing community built. Our small group grew to almost thirty or so with people coming along interested in a home with some of those who participated in the beginning just wanting to support 'the cause'....
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Check out this article from the Atlantic "City Lab" http://www.citylab.com/housing/2015/01/can-boomers-make-cohousing-mainstream/384624/ Katie McCamant is quoted: "McCamant predicts the number [of cohousing communities] will double within 10 years." One of my quotes: "Baby boomers are demanding...
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A few weeks ago the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 was signed into law retroactively extending numerous tax incentives for green building and energy efficiency projects. An updated PDF summary of the incentives is attached.
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Volunteering with the 2015 National Cohousing Conference is a great way to get involved and contribute your talents - and our success is dependent on your voluntary contributions. The following leadership positions will convey complimentary registration if needed (we are unable to provide...
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