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In principle, good group decisions are creations. Creativity comes from putting together two or more things, events or ideas. Germination leads to new creations. Like water with a poppy seed, fertile soil facilitates and supports the interaction. Fertility helps creativity. Practical Tip: Make your...
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In principle, we do not need to know the whole plan in order to take the next step. To avoid a stumble we do not need to see the whole path illuminated, just the next few feet. As if carrying a lantern through the dark, if I take just one step at a time more will be revealed. The light moves with...
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I asked Daniel if we could post this here because it's about a great deal more than wifi. -cat The best advice I can give around wifi is to be careful about how you talk to one another about it - treat those with differing experiences or thoughts respectfully while having the discussion. Our...
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