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The author (right) enjoys a visit on a neighbor’s porch thanks to its lack of barriers. My neighbor Pete and I are hanging out on his front porch when two visitors walk by on the path. Pete calls out a greeting and they end up sitting on the porch chatting with us for half an hour....
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"Cohousing is a great place to live and a great place to die" says John Lightburn, 85, a founding resident of Harmony Village Cohousing in Golden, CO. (Photo by Evangeline Welch) Scan the vision statements of cohousing communities and you'll notice touchstone words such as neighborly, safe,...
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An acquaintance of mine, Chris Zimmerman, owns and operates a couple of assisted-care facilities in Alameda, California. He inherited one at age 23 and subsequently built a second one. He’s now 60, and despite the limitations of an assisted care environment, he has developed astute theories about...
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