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2010 Lodging

University of Colorado Residence Halls


Not only are residence hall rooms a great value, but they also put you at the heart of the conference and offer the best chances for networking. In addition, breakfasts are provided with campus housing, and CU is offering early arrival and late departure options.

A limited number of residence hall rooms are available for the conference. When they’re gone, they’re gone – so act fast to be sure you get one! After we run out of rooms, you may need to stay in a hotel, which can be pricey.

2010 Featured Cohousing Consultants

The 2010 conference will feature a number of top cohousing consultants – some very well-known, established consultants with years of experience working with numerous cohousing communities, others whose emerging practices are generating new ways of thinking about cohousing. Those who attend the 2010 conference have the opportunity to enjoy and learn with the following cohousing consultants.

2010 Featured Developers

Cohousing developers are a rare breed in the United States. While many have been involved as developers (of their own, self-developed cohousing communities), very few have been involved in more than one project. All of the developers listed here have helped to develop more than one cohousing community and will share what they have learned with you. Developing property in the United States is a very difficult thing, and it's far too easy to make very costly mistakes – some of which are easily avoided if you have the right information. Whether you want to self-develop or work with a professional developer, come learn from these experienced cohousing developers about how to create a more successful project.

2010 Featured Architects

The 2010 conference will feature a number of top cohousing architects – some very well-known, established green architects with many built sustainable communities, others whose emerging practices are generating new ways of looking at cohousing and green architecture. Those who attend the 2010 conference have the opportunity to enjoy and learn with the following architects.

Bryan Bowen is the owner of Bryan Bowen Architects, P.C., a five-person multidisciplinary design collaborative that explores how we may live more lightly upon our earth in beautiful and healthy environments. The company has worked on cohousing projects in Homer, Alaska; in rural southeastern Missouri; and in Lyons, Longmont, Denver, and Boulder, Colorado. In addition to a focus on cohousing, the practice includes passive solar single-family homes, deep energy remodels, multifamily housing, mixed-use projects,

Transportation around Boulder in 2010

Transportation from Train Station and Airport to Boulder

Amtrak comes to Denver’s Union Station. To travel from Union Station to Boulder via the bus, go to Busway Gate B and take RTD Route B or BX to Boulder. For more information, visit the RTD website (Denver’s public transportation system).

There are three main options when traveling from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Boulder: bus, shuttle, and rental car.

Bus: Follow the airport signs to the bus stop, and take Route AB to Boulder. The one-way cost is $12. For more information, visit the RTD website.

Shuttle: The Super Shuttle provides one-way transportation for $25 (no discount for round-trip fare). Advance registration is required: 303-444-0808.
Hotels - $27.00 One Way $50.00 RT
Residential - $33.00 One Way $62.00 RT

Letter from Jim Leach, the 2010 conference chair

January 15, 2010

Dear Cohousing Supporter—

It’s my pleasure to extend a personal invitation for you to join us at the 2010 National Cohousing Conference to be held in Boulder, Colorado on June 18-20. I’ve been reflecting on our conference theme of “sustainability through community” and want to offer a few thoughts on the rich connections between these parallel movements.

As humans living on an endangered planet, we have much to be gained through community. A healthier, more secure, and more socially satisfying life is the obvious gain. Less apparent perhaps is the empowerment generated by participation in a self-managed neighborhood community with a vision of more responsible, sustainable living. Participating in the 2010 Conference will also empower you to be more successful in pursuing your cohousing interests.

Accessibility at CU-Boulder for 2010

CoHo/US wants everyone to be able to attend and participate in the 2010 conference and will work hard to support your needs. Please read the CU campus information provided below. If you have physical or special needs and require accommodation, please let us know by completing the section entitled “Accessibility Needs” under the Attendee Information portion of the registration process.

The 2010 National Cohousing Conference will take place on the University of Colorado-Boulder (CU-Boulder) campus at the Engineering Center. The Engineering Center is handicap accessible with power-assisted doors on the west side of the building; this is the side closest to where the conference will be located. The Engineering Center also has handicap restrooms: 1st floor south side (60" stall); tower unisex 1st and 2nd floors.

The Saturday night banquet will be held at Folsom Field’s Stadium Club. The Stadium Club has accessible elevators and restrooms.

2010 Local Arrangements

Need details about your stay in Boulder? Find out about local attractions, lodging, dining, accessibility, childcare, computer and wireless availability, and transportation. And learn more about all the things we’re doing to make this conference more sustainable than ever before!

The 2010 conference will be held at the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. A city known for its commitment to sustainability, Boulder offers a great location for cohousers to gather – and June is the perfect time to visit this sunny city in the Rocky Mountain foothills.

2010 Walking the Talk: Making the Conference More Sustainable

In keeping with the conference theme of “Sustainability through Community,” we’re making this year’s national conference more sustainable than ever before. The conference will take place at the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, a city renowned for its commitment to sustainability. And our keynote speaker, Bill McKibben, will join us via video with live Q&A.

Dining at the 2010 Conference

Registration for Coho U (Wednesday, June 16, and Thursday, June 17) includes lunch on both days. Registration for the main conference (Friday, June 18, through Sunday, June 20) includes catered lunches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – as well as the Saturday night fundraising banquet.

These meals will be sourced locally, with as much organic/bio-dynamic farm-to-table sourcing as possible. There will be vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options, with accommodations for gluten-free and dairy-free diets. Please specify your preference when you register, or we will assume that you wish to be provided with vegan meals. Menus will be available in advance, but because the menus for all our meals will be determined as much as possible by what is local and in season, some menu items may change.

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