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Free Conversation for Forming Groups Scheduled

Coho/US will host its second free telephone conversation on December 7, 2008, at 5 pm Eastern; 4 pm Central; 3 pm Mountain; 2 pm Pacific. This call will feature Rick Mockler with Cohousing Partners; Raines Cohen with Cohousing Coaches; Ted Butler with Stay in Home Mortgage, and other panelists in a conversation about the current economy and strategies for forming groups.

Changes Afoot at Cohousing Magazine

In its ongoing effort to better serve the cohousing movement, Coho/US will be making some fundamental changes in the coming year:

Coho/US Staffing Changes

Barbara Bansenauer recently became Advertising Manager for Coho/US.
Neil Planchon has assumed the role of the National Tours Director.
Donna Freiermuth, Editor of Cohousing Magazine for over two years will be stepping down from her role with Coho/US.

Coho/US Annual Campaign for Financial Support

Just about now, cohousing community mailboxes are receiving this annual reminder: Coho/US needs ongoing community support to continue providing services you can rely on. Your contributions made a big, big difference throughout 2008. Here are just a few of the things you made possible:

Improvements to our Website

We've been collecting your feedback on our website since our launch in January, and we heard a few things loud and clear that we've tried to address.

“Getting the Work Done” Webinar

A second Coho/US webinar by architect Laura Fitch will examine the philosophy and practice of “Getting the Work Done” in community life. Issues of equity, setting expectations, and implementation will be reviewed, including a close look at what has been put into practice successfully in one cohousing community.

Can’t Use a Grant for $2,500?

The silence is deafening! Can’t communities find ways to spend $2,500 for a community improvement that others can replicate? That’s what Coho/US is offering. To stimulate your imaginations a bit, here are some recent improvements at U.S. cohousing communities that might have been considered for a grant. Discuss this grant opportunity at your next meeting! Remember, the application deadline is October 31, 2008, but we’d like to get some discussion going well before the deadline, to improve the quality of submissions. Please let David Wann hear your emerging ideas for grant submissions. David’s phone number is (303) 216-1281, and his email is davewann [at] comcast [dot] net.

What Do You Want to See in the Members Area?

We launched the Members Area at the June Cohousing Conference with several topic rooms demonstrating the kinds of discussions that were possible.

Now tell us how you’d like Coho/US to roll out that capability. What are you most interested in?

If you'd like to join a conference call to talk about what you want in the Members Area, it's scheduled for Wednesday evening, August 5 at 5 pm PDT/ 8 pm EDT. To join the conversation, call (712) 432-1620. When prompted for your access code, key in 1034100#. Normal long distance charges apply.

We’ve got three simple questions for you (choose all that apply).
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Kudos for the Conference

"People were extremely nice and friendly. I can see why everyone wants them as neighbors." That was one participant’s comment in the 2008 Conference feedback survey. The results, with more than a fourth of the attendees participating in the survey, are invaluable as planning for the 2009 Conference in Seattle continues.

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