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2005 News

Grist Magazine (national)
"Won't you be my neighbor?"
by Umbra Fisk
Environmental advice columnist recommends cohousing to reader seeking an energy-efficient, sustainable, neighborly community. (December 12, 2005)

The East Bay Monthly (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)
"Common ground"
by Lauri Puchall

2006 News

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
"Condos where joiners get their wish"
Unlike the case at other new condos sprouting in Silver Spring, the neighbors at Eastern Village Cohousing know each other by name. (December 23, 2006)

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)
"Houses united"
A look at the pending development of North Oakland Cohousing as well as existing cohousing communities in the Bay Area. (December 10, 2006)

Concord Monitor (Concord, NH)
"Community, from the ground up: Development aims for a neighborly feel"

2007 News

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
“Communal housing is coming of age”
A look at Wolf Creek Lodge, a senior cohousing community that will break ground this spring in the heart of Gold Country. (December 23, 2007)

Natural Life (Canada)
“Green Acres: Ecovillages reduce ecological footprints”
A look at environmentally minded communities, including the more than 450 co-housing projects found in North America and Europe. (December 11, 2007)

Charlottesville Daily Progress (VA)

Common sense approaches to common houses

by Laura Fitch, principal, Kraus-Fitch Architects, Inc.

The kitchen and "great room" are the two most important spaces in a common house, they should feel like a natural extension of each individual home. Your community can begin to create this homey environment during the design process by allowing everyone to have a say and ownership in the decisions. The design itself, balancing functional requirements with coziness, is equally important.

Have conscience, will build

by Jim Leach, president, Wonderland Hill Development Co.

Like a flame draws a moth, cohousing attracts a certain type of house builder. Somewhere in the back of our minds we think we can save the world, our country or at least our hometown from environmental and social degradation through the quality of the housing - and communities - we create. This challenge keeps many of us going in an industry full of political adversity and economic risk.

Plans for 2008 National Cohousing Conference moving right along

Mark your calendars for June 12 – 15, 2008, for the national conference to be held at Bentley College in Waltham, MA. Twelve miles from all that downtown Boston has to offer, charming Waltham itself boasts restaurants for every taste, as well as galleries, shops and an independent movie theater. A quick shuttle ride to Harvard Square connects you with the T – Boston’s mass transit system – to take you anywhere you want to go in the greater Boston area. The rolling hills of Bentley’s small, private campus are a picturesque setting for modern conference conveniences, from wireless Internet and projection-ready rooms to great dining options and apartment-style accommodations.

First Coho/US Webinar set for December

Live events, such as the upcoming Cohousing Conference are an excellent way for cohousing groups to gain valuable information and insights for creating healthy communities. However, for those who can’t wait – or simply can’t afford the trip – the Cohousing Association is pleased to offer another educational opportunity: online “webinars.”

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