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Tue, Mar 31, 2020 – Cohousing and the Coronavirus

Development Landscape with Coronavirus

Joren Bass – Senior Development Manager for Urban Development Partners (UDP) will discuss adjustments UDP is seeing in the development, lending and construction landscape during this pandemic. We will discuss steps forming communities can take to keep on track with the development process while managing equity reserves. We will also look at how communities can optimize their position coming out of the current slowdown. There will be time for questions and conversation. 

Tue, Apr 7, 2020 – Cohousing and the Coronavirus

Community Check-in

Almost a month since we first came together to share our ideas for weathering coronavirus together, we’ll come together as a community of communities to check in. How’s it going? What’s working? What new struggles have arrived? We will share our resilience as a community of communities. We’ll also check in on how communities are managing the age old community question, “What do we do when we disagree?” – in this case with life and death consequences as the disagreement is about how rigorously to respond to the CV19 threat.

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