Add or Edit your Cohousing Directory Listing

The Cohousing Directory is a subset of the Intentional Community Directory maintained by the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC). This allows your community to be listed in two directories, but only keep one updated. Listing is free.

To edit your listing

Go to

Please note that you cannot edit your listing on the site; you need to do it through For issues logging in to, please contact the Communities Directory at directory [at] ic [dot] org

To add your community

1: Follow these instructions on to add your community on

2: Email editor [at] cohousing [dot] org and ask us to review and approve your listing.

Please include the website URL for your existing directory listing that you created on
Contact Us if you need any help!

Please Note

Cohousing Directory editors use What is Cohousing? to ensure your community aligns with cohousing. Forming groups should have three or more active member households.

Coho/US reserves the right to restrict or qualify the community listings on this site and to remove any community at any time for any reason.