The 2009 National Cohousing Conference was a great success! It ran from June 24 to June 28th 2009. Please join us for our next conference!

2009 Cohousing Olympics

register nowThe previously planned Cohousing Olympics have been shifted to the 2010 Conference. This will give Cohousing Communities and other 2010 Conference attendees a whole year for training - in their quest for gold.

This 2010 event offers a way to play, be silly and have a rollicking good time together. Community teams are invited to come play and teams will also be assembled from those attending the conference. Teams will rotate through a series of five "Olympic" events.

Each event will evoke and gently make fun of the unique aspects of Cohousing; giving people of all strengths and abilities to participate. The events will draw upon a mix of physical and mental creativity, as well as your cooperation skills. All ages are welcome to participate.

We hope to see you at the 2010 Cohousing Olympics Games!