2015 National Cohousing Conference a Tremendous Success

[Photos Courtesy of R Philip Dowds]
What an amazing experience! The 2015 National Cohousing Conference was a huge success by any measure. The comments received were overwhelmingly positive; the criticisms primarily noted that the rooms were too small and the A/C challenged, driven by our sell-out crowd. Indeed, this conference broke attendance records, with 457 folks. Given the conference success was a direct reflection of tremendous volunteer investment, outstanding presenters, and cohousing enthusiasts eager to learn and share, every participant should be proud.
Participants appreciated the format, particularly the pre-conference intensives; gatherings of affiliated groups; the Friday keynote dinner; lunchtime networking; and new this year: facilitated discussions comprising ⅓ of our offerings.
There was an outpouring of appreciation for Durham Coho’s involvement, particularly in hosting our Saturday reception, and for neighboring cohousing communities welcoming of tours
Responses to “Which sessions were most useful?” were across the board, literally, with most every session mentioned! Particularly popular themes included urban cohousing; more than cohousing new models; growing up in community; and senior issues.
Participation = 457
Cohousing Communities represented = 93
Organizations represented = 31
Companies represented = 35
States represented = 39
Outside US representation = Canada, Australia, South Korea and China
What Could have been Improved?
Several comments noted that the rooms were too small, and the A/C not good enough. While a few comments suggested more handouts, others noted too much paper. Better technology via apps was a common suggestion.
What was the best thing about the conference?
I left totally inspired and energized.
I’ve never attended a conference that made me feel so welcome.
The sessions, the knowledge I gained and the conversations I had
Meeting and interacting with other cohousers
Having all the resources available in one place
Outstanding presenters
Opportunity to meet others across the country – whether in cohousing now, currently developing a community, or considering
Cannot think of a better introduction to the range of communities, the associated issues, or an opportunity to see actual examples of what has been established.
Sessions less about “this is how we do …(it)” and more about shared issues and struggles and resolutions.
Seeing so many people energized about this movement.
Visits to other communities.
Diversity of resources and ideas.
Sharing and learning from others.
Great new and interesting ideas!
The opportunity to get a big-picture view of the cohousing world- the who, what, where, why and how.
The level of information shared was astronomical and could not have been transferred so efficiently outside this conference environment.
The number of professionals that could speak intelligibly about the different ways to build
Meeting others on the journey
My favorite conference I have ever attended.
Great work…extremely organized and smooth!!!

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