Aikido – Principles to Embody a Collaborative Approach to Conflict (5:30 Thurs)

Presented by Linda Reed & Aikido Mountain West instructors

Session Description

Using Conflict to Create Collaboration
This workshop offers new ways of facing conflict from a centered position, based on the principles of harmony and connection of Aikido, the martial art of peace. Through a combination of facilitated dialogue and safe, non-strenuous exercises, you will experience moving through conflict in ways that neither resist, escalate nor give in to it. We will explore how conflict feels to us and how we can learn to embody a positive and creative response. The exercises are optional, and all ability levels are encouraged to participate. A good way to relax the body and mind after a long days travel.
Based on the book “The Magic of Conflict” and other works by Sensei Thomas Crum.

About the Presenter/s

Linda Reed, 3rd degree black belt, a 16-year member of Wasatch Commons Cohousing, and instructors from Aikido Mountain West, a nonprofit dojo

Additional Information

The workshop is offered Thursday, May 19, 5:30 - 7:00 pm.
Workshop cost = $15.00 payable at the door.

Aikido - Martial Art of Peace
Aikido assists in relaxing the body through the quieting of the mind. The discipline in the training enables practitioners to become centered and grounded, thereby becoming balanced and able to combat daily stresses. Like tai chi, an inner calmness develops through the practice of awareness of one's body. Its benefits include strengthening the immune system, stimulating the organs through breathing exercises and increasing one's physical and mental flexibility. By continually confronting the emotion of fear of the attacker, one is able to release fear and embrace a more compassionate loving thought system, that we all know has numerous effects on the body's chemistry.