Arc of life: John Clark Story (General Session)

Presented by Steven Ablondi + Bryan Bowen + Thomas Henninger

Session Description

A biographical exploration of the impact of community, cohousing, friendship and extended family on aging. The community architect and the founder of Memel Organics Cohousing share their views on the arc of one man's life, John Clark. Nicknamed "the Child of the Eagles", John spent his career working to save the white rhino, creating one of the world's greatest environmental success stories, and, as a 70+ year old newlywed, was the first resident to join this evolving permaculture-integrated, racially-mixed, highly sustainable cohousing community in the mountains of South Africa. Seven years later he was also the first to move out, embroiled in end of life controversy and leaving his bride alone and devastated.

About the Presenter/s

Steven, Thomas, and Bryan are collaborators on the Meme+Zamani project.

Bryan is a principal architect at Caddis, PC. Caddis serves our clients in the design of cohousing and other innovative sustainable communities, ski resorts, single family homes, net-zero homes, affordable housing, and mixed-use/commercial projects, while preserving our human-scale, more whimsical work. Bryan is the Chair of the City of Boulder's Planning Board and site on the Design Advisory Board, and spent a year as the ex-officio representative to Landmarks Board. He has also taught green building at Naropa University and has founded a combined for/non-profit building sustainable communities in South Africa with Steven Ablondi. Bryan and his family live in Wild Sage Cohousing, in the award winning Holiday Neighborhood.

Steven Ablondi is creating senior cohousing as a promoter and developer in Memel, a town in the Drakensburg mountains of South Africa. He feels much can be done to reduce the amount of time necessary to create cohousing communities and has purchased land, received municipal permits and planted organic gardens and orchards for clusters of homes to be built with natural materials and using alternative energy. Steven has had field assignments with the United Nations in Cambodia, Bosnia and Angola. He is a graduate of the Northfield Mt. Hermon School, Wesleyan University and Vermont Law School. He makes his home with his wife on Lake Champlain in America and in the Memel Drakensburg in South Africa.