Beyond Cohousing - The Ripple Effect (General Session)

Presented by Bryan Bowen, Caddis

Session Description

Cohousing itself is a wonderful thing to study, but it's also really interesting to see how these ideas are being applied to other project types.

We'll look at communities for veterans, the un-housed, foster families, neurodiverse families, and permaculture integrated/post-apartheid/racially-mixed-housing in South Africa.

About the Presenter/s

Bryan is a principal architect at Caddis, PC. Caddis serves our clients in the design of cohousing and other innovative sustainable communities, ski resorts, single family homes, net-zero homes, affordable housing, and mixed-use/commercial projects, while preserving our human-scale, more whimsical work.
Bryan is the Chair of the City of Boulder's Planning Board and site on the Design Advisory Board, and spent a year as the ex-officio representative to Landmarks Board. He has also taught green building at Naropa University and has founded a combined for/non-profit building sustainable communities in South Africa with Steven Ablondi. Bryan and his family live in Wild Sage Cohousing, in the award winning Holiday Neighborhood.