Conscious Aging: Personal Wholeness and Community (General Session)

Presented by Ron Pevny, Center for Conscious Eldering

Session Description

This session will focus on the value of aiming high, with awareness and intentionality, as we age. Ron will address our potential for fulfillment, growth, purpose and service in the later chapters of our lives, and the inner, personal growth work that supports realizing these rich possibilities. This inner work centers around the five major themes of belief, baggage, purpose, spirit, and community. Our goal can be growth into a conscious elderhood in which we thrive in whatever circumstances life presents, savoring our experiences while also serving our community and future generations through sharing our wholeness, wisdom and elder gifts.

Having community in our lives is critical to aging well, but the quality of our community involvement is also critical. A truly supportive community environment requires more than infrastructure alone. Co-housing provides an ideal opportunity for people to support each other in growing toward the personal wholeness that is possible, but which requires intentionality, stepping outside our comfort levels, and mutual commitment to aiming high.

About the Presenter/s

Ron Pevny, M.A., has for forty years been dedicated to assisting people in negotiating life transitions as they create lives of purpose and passion. He is Founding Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, based in Durango, Colorado. He is also a Certified Sage-ing® Leader and was the creator and administrator of the twelve-organization Conscious Aging Alliance. He is author of "Conscious Living, Conscious Aging: embrace and savor your next chapter," published in 2014 by Beyond Words/Atria Books. Ron has presented many week-long Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreats at Ghost Ranch and other retreat centers around North America over the past fifteen years, as well as numerous introductory weekend workshops.
Email: ron [at] centerforconsciouseldering [dot] com Phone: 970-247-7943